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My dad had Brain injury after collapse.

My dad spent a month in hospital after collapsing backwards and suffering brain injury. Got home but no support for mum as slipped through net for proper care following catalogue of disasters for his care. I am going back to work but mum doesn't drive and stuck in house. He very frustrated and on a short fuse at home and we don't know how to manage or help mum. She feels let down but now doesn't want outside help. Can u give advice.

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I suggest that you contact his doctor and ask him to talk to your mum to tell her what help is available to her. There are lots of organisations, too, that are there to help.


Never got none for my son neither n I av ongoing issues with him n he won’t go to dr to ask for help



Sadly it is not uncommon for people to get lots of support whilst in hospital and then zero when you come home. Worse still the hospital never seems to prepare the family for the changes.

First place to contact will be the main headway help line whom will assist where they can.

The other place to seek help is from your local County Council Adult services whom have close links with all the other agencies in your area.

It will be a long and arduous journey but hope it goes well

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Aw thank u so much for your reply and yes will pluck up courage to contact headway as I think it all becomes so real when I pick up phone whereas up to now I think I will wake up from bad dream. We had hardly any support in hospital but very long story. Thank u for listening and your advice . .


it is ok. When I had my head injury my wife as in the same position. Scrambling around for support and nothing available.

It took her years to accept she is now married to a completely different person which is very hard concept to grasp


Thank u yes think time will gradually make my mum realise this too as your wife has . She is slightly in denial at moment . Hope u are enjoying life even if if it is different and hope your wife continues to love the new you .


We have been together for 43 years this March, think she stays with me out of spite :-)

In time when your mum is up to it, see if they can go to one of the Headway groups. Most of them have sessions for survivors (those with a HI) and a simultaneous one for carers. The carers one can be quite emotional and cathartic where carers get to let it all come out with others in the same position.

Perhaps your mum could post on here and speak to other partners - it isn't as scary as people imagine.

all the best


Kust to say its never too late to get help and support x



Thank u that is really comforting as I feel we needed time to get him home and come to terms with what has happened before i then take next journey to contact for help.


are we talking about help for your mum for your dad angel x


It's difficult situation as my mum won't accept outside help at the moment and trying to manage my dad herself . My dad gets very agitated confused and flies off handle at slightest thing and is different person . I wondered if I researched how to manage his behaviour I could pass this on to mum. He only been at home a couple weeks . He doesn't have any interest in anything won't watch t v or won't have any friends visiting and doesn't recall brain injury and how bad it is. I was thinking of speaking to head way. I would love my mum to speak to people in similar position .


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