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Before I sleep, a fast energy surge feeling, passing through my head or body

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I'm 40+ now, but this energy surge has come and gone throughout my yrs since I was a younger man, happens mostly b4 I fall asleep, I can say this has happened to me more than 50 time from since I was 20, just before I fall asleep, lasts only 2 to 3 seconds, most times its quick but scary, makes my heart beat fast lol can anyone explain this

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Research the kundalini spinal energy. Also research brain waves -

Many people experience this as you do, it is an awareness of sleep (the state of body energy during sleep) before the consciousness switches over into REM sleep. Some believe our spirit leaves the body during sleep which would explain the fast heart beat ready to make the transition. You may feel inclined to seek a guide in your local town (of any religion or creed) to develop your awareness. Or you can use Youtube videos to explore this energy rush further. There are breathing exercises which can redistribute this energy in the body. Qi Gong exercises also will further your personal development. It is likely you were raised in the western school systems. Eastern school systems teach kids about their own personal body energy at a young age.

I do not believe your query relates to a brain injury (this forum) but if you have concerns, seek a medical opinion.


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Thanks, what would search under youtube

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After consulting Google, it appears you're certainly not alone in this. There seem to be countless references to these sensations, all of which suggest it's a benign issue. I've tried to copy & paste a link from Headway but the link doesn't work properly. However, if you look for a post from 'swedishblue' from 2years ago on the subject, you might be reassured ; I hope so.

Go to the profile page for swedishblue and scroll down to find the following :-

Buzzing electric current feeling when sleeping/semi conscious

swedishblue in Headway2 years ago

Best wishes, Cat x

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I have, but its similar to what was explained, I would think it was a soul passing through my body

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