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How shall my family and I manage my direct payments?


i was born with htdrocephalus and have behavioural issues as well as visual impairment

My community placement recently broke down, yes my behaviour could be challenging but they knew this entailed to prepare adequately for it. Some of the support workers there were brilliant but unfortunately the kan as her was both unpleasant and incompetent.'

I'm now back with Mum (Shropshire) but still funded by Hampshire where we loved previously. Were struggling with the bureaucracy of direct payments, which we hope to use for Headway to support me. We receive minimal advice and support from social services etc... P

My friends mum had to go part time at work to organise his support, even though she also hired a PA. That isn't really possible for our famil, so we will need to find another solution.

social services et c should be national and while families should be supported more.

Any advice would be great :)

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