Social services say a brain haemorage survivor can live alone

How can six questions determine the care level of an individual . Needs 24 hr supervision ,short term memory loss ,left side paralysis .a danger to himself and others this what professionals say .but social services say he be ok with some support to get up and go to bed. He needs constant prompting to do anything including to visit bathroom wht do we do .

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  • Some of these professionals don't really understand a tick in the box assessment or a short one to one visit doesn't paint a full picture of the individual. It's so frustrating. Can you get it in writing from the health professionals do your best to get as much evidence as humanly possible. Good Luck I know it's not easy xxx

  • same as lot of so called health professionals? one size fits all and if you don't fit they just want you to go away.

  • We had a similar problem when my son came out of hospital following a TBI, with no support in place. We contacted our local councillor and also the councillor with responsibility for health and social care. It is also worth contacting your local MP too. They have a responsibility and it's why they were elected. We eventually got a funded place at a specialist rehab centre which helped my son to regain the skills he has lost and he now lives independently with support. It's almost 5 years ago now and it's not been an easy journey and he still has memory problems, and reasoning is a big issue, but as his mum I am very proud of his recovery.

  • Hello!

    I trust you have or will appeal this stupid decision. The frustrating thing is, it is a 'hidden disability' and everyone is different and therefore they 'don't fit the box.' It is very frustrating as the carer, when assumptions are made based on 'a good day' but what about the not so good days? I sometimes wonder what would happen, if carers just 'walked off into the sunset' The tick box johnnies really have no idea what it takes to support someone with these issues. I hope your GP, consultants etc. will provide you with evidence so that you can get this sorted. Good luck. Keep us posted. x

  • When you appeal , think of the worst days you can and use this as a bench mark . My wife was in the same situation . Don't forget you also need respite . good luck .

  • Thank you for the replies .my brother has not accepted his disability we have had 12 months of rehabilitation in a small home for acquired brain injury these guys have tried so hard,but he believes he can resume the life he had before but in 12 months he has not participated volountaryily ,the ability to reason with him has gone ,we discuss the same things every week but to no avail he has given up but he thinks At 42 he can live on his own . I have scheduled a meeting with social services for tomorrow and will keep you posted

  • I used to tear my hair out with social services in the early days when OH was in early recovery and still in Post traumatic shock! have you got a social worker? if not phone and say you need one as you cant cope. The more people on your side the further you get! Also the local headway nurse was excellent. I know how frustrating it all was

    and you really have to make 'waves' to get people to notice your situation and you have to shout to get noticed as their resources are so limited that if you are the tiniest bit complacent , they will breathe a sigh of releif and walk on by! Good luck !!

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