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Memory question


So I originally trained as an actress, haven’t worked in that profession since I had my accident due in part to having zero confidence and also to the awful dreadful state of my memory. I’m stage rather than tv which obviously means learning lots of lines. My dream is to get back to it so I’m auditioning for the local semi professional theatre. But will I ever be able to remember entire plays again does anyone think? I’m a bit terrified about it all but it’s amazing and I don’t want to have to give it up!?

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If you’re honest with them aim for small parts with fewer lines at first

Untill u build confidence and find ways to help you remember lines x

I didn’t even think about that! Thank you!

I'm not sure how far you are post injury but I was shown memory techniques by Neuro-rehab and they say at least 2 - 4 years for the brain to heal itself.

I’m 10 years past. I haven’t properly had any after care except one session of neuropsychology last year. Seems seemed to keep going wrong and I kept getting discharged.

i refused after care .....i'm a fool.....

You should have been offered better treatment?

You should go back to Gp ....tell him the problem ask for more help....nothing to lose :)

Can’t you do the same? I’m going to go back and ask for CBT, my accident was in Peru and my aftercare was shocking unfortunately.

Yes Daisy,

I have seen doctors, I have been forced to accept I have a Bi, after losing yet another job on 14th Sept I finally broke....admitted need help ......

I will be seeing Neurologist on 14th Nov not long to wait,

the doctors have been very understanding that i have been ignoring the problems and putting massive pressure on myself to hide the truth...I've also had two small bleeds in my brain since the attack on me in 2015 but still didn't tell docs what truth...stupid or what???....they said the bleeds were stress/exhaustion related ...i like to train hard and i work 12hrs shifts.... complete denial...I thought it would all just go away??....

I had been have serious migraines that would take me out for days ....doc told me they call these suicide headaches as the pain is so intense, the tablets i'm on have been helping which such relief....i had been trying to control them with over the counter meds ....

My behaviour has been major issue and being able to speak to a specialist about all of these issues has really helped ....Doc told me i may have a condition called facial blindness a result of the head injury.....this is why i can't recognize people who met before, and my memory is useless ....

On 14th when i see Neurologist who will hopefully give me a the tests and explain where i go with bi....

If someone is still having serious problems i think docs are willing to continue treatment and all need to tell them.

What reason do they give you for the discharge?

its the short term thats shot. do you remember doing a play before your bi that you really enjoyed?

DaisyEvans in reply to steve55

I guess I can remember snippets perhaps, I can remember the feeling and the smells and the atmosphere and the details like that but not necessarily my lines. I used to remember things like films and it’s sort of like the films have lost their volume. And I can’t see the pages of text anymore.

Have you thought about private tuition ?

Teaching your experience to folks who want to be actors?

The lines wouldn't be issue...and you cab do something you love.......:)

Nice idea. Sadly not for me, tried teaching and hated it! I don’t have the right kind of patience or confidence!

okay, that's a fair comment Daisy....i couldn't teach either :)

Do not give it up try it and develop ways to help you deal with your issues. The new you may be able to attack these issues. You are an actress so you have to devote yourself to adapt to different situations. Try it and hopefully you will be able to deal with the problems you will or may have.

Good look.

Try absorbing the lines in different ways.

Writing them out.

Get someone to read them to you various of times

Read them yourself

Find what best suits you

Break a leg


Just 3 words Daisy, the mantra of our amazing physio who has worked miracles..." NEVER GIVE UP" Daisy ! 😘

Thank you for all the helpful replies and ideas! And never giving up sounds good to me!!

Yes...that's the sadness we share Daisy....your an actress, you need to remember lines, you had a calling.....

I'm a protector ....I need to remember what's the new job?

What job can we do and transfer our skills....:(

I think get better, embrace our new selves, show them the love and get to grips with how to carry on. We can do it. Everyone thinks so!

Well i can't speak for anyone else but reckon i'm pretty much as better as i'm ever gonna be :(

The bi damage is hearing will improve , yes in three years it has got a lot better,

but everything has gotten so much worse.

I will find a job, ...i have to work but when who knows?,

And i will live in this world that doesn't accept "different" but then i already knew this......:(

The hardest part is feeling so lost and knowing your friends/colleagues believe your stupid or incompetent......

I still cannot bring myself to tell some folks that i have on going issues, some would not believe me?....2015 and still having problems!!....i did such a good job of covering it up....

Sorry this reply is bit whiny....i'm sitting at home and still can't get use to not having a job .....i find myself looking at jobs but know right now need to accept the journey ahead...

I'm dealing with other health probs....i have a benign growth ...for the second time!! last op 2017 in my foot!! So looking at having two operations , first op in approx 8wks to replace joint in big toe which has worn away after i broke it years ago...(not to do with tumor) but is stopping me walking properly and then after they've sapped the growth ...(they doing that asap) will then have another op to remove the rest of growth..... gonna be sitting killing time for around a year!!!

With only depression for company it's gonna be tough year a head.

I’m really sorry, I don’t think I’d seen your reply!

I hope you’re feeling a bit happier? Doesn’t sound like you have any support with all of this?

Nope zero support, but i'm okay.....never known any different :)

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