Short term memory is a bit flaky. To start with my wife made me write down what I had to do at the start of each day, and then keep looking at the list through the day; go through the list at the end of the day and see how I did. Also, kept a small note book and a pencil with me (this is before IPhones) so I could write down anything I had to follow up.

Then I read that we memorise better in pictures rather than words (the really good Brain Injury Workbook shows how to do this) so now I associate things I have to remember (names, places, things I have to do) with the most crazy, colourful images I can think of. Works for me.

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  • husband does something similar on his ipad. everything gets written down then he can look at it as many times as he needs, & I don't keep nagging him (bonus!). He now writes everything down himself rather than me doing it, plus it means I can see what he has done as we use a shared calendar which works really well.

    we also found the workbook really useful, highly recommend. Husband used to use it when he wanted, it was always on the table & as he forgot that he had read it, he would read it again, and again.

    I am sure because of these two things his recovery had been a lot better than it would have been, & we were not told about these things by any professional I worked it out & found the book.

  • i did not know about work book where did you did you find it

  • Headway web site - "the brain injury workbook". not cheap at £33 from Headway, but seriously worth the money. written by Trevor Powell

  • I really agree with this - the workbook is great and was essential to getting me on track - not just for memory but for the emotional side of things. It's crazy that you have to pay for it (and they think we've got a brain problem!) but it is worth every penny.

  • t;hanks

    i looked but i am so stupid i did not see but i found on amazon for 28

  • That doesn't sound stupid - you are getting it cheaper on Amazon than through Headway. That sounds like a result to me.

  • I know. The short term memory is not good at all. I am lucky that I have an iphone. Whenever I think of something, I write it straight down in my reminders, and then keep checking my phone throughout the day. LNG term memory is fairly good!

    Your pictures sound good, but it's difficult to draw or write with my right hand, so I think my phone is my answer!

    Good luck!

  • On the long term memory point: some time after my BI my wife asked me for the postcode of my brother. I gave it confidently and perfectly, only for an address he left 10 years before. I think the injury had shaken up stuff in my head that was stored there but had been undisturbed for a long time.

  • Too right. I come up with the most amazing stuff from years ago, especially when I was a child!

  • Hi there my phone is constantly used for putting reminders in.I couldn't be without it .i also use a diary to write down anything significant that's happened in the day or any appts etc I've had, my silly things I've done ( when i can remember to) and i take it with me to my appts.I call my diary my 'brain'.If a doctor asks me a question i get my big brain out my bag-quite funny but its full of useful info!


  • Forty seven years on and a much improved but not perfect short term memory and I never knew about the pictures concept. Always used a notebook though in the form of the back of my hand.


  • Fortunately, with my BI I like to think my memory is in good nick, or rather my hippocampus is in good nick :). A friend do mine was once telling me that it is easier to remember things, names, whatever, by thinking of pictures. So if I say "Hi" to this friend and they say "Hi... I forgot what your name was". I might say "When you open the front door you wipe your feet on a...". Then they say "Matt" and then I add "... But that doesn't mean you can walk all over me" :).

  • Good advice Guy

    Sadly I am unable to picture things in my mind since BI so that bit wouldn't work for me. I have a diary and write the essentials in there, again even this is a challenge. I'm not sure if it's memory or concentration but I find it very difficult to r'mber what I want to write, I often sit with pad and pen struggling to write down something that will be helpful!

    So for example I am unable to write a list of things I want/need to do as I can't get past the first one. I really need someone else to talk me through writing a list, but as I live alone and the cat can't write or talk :-/ that isn't going to happen!

  • Have you tried mind mapping? This might work - it may be better than making a list as our brains don't think in lists but go in different directions and are visual not word/letter based and mindmapping makes drawing pictures easier.

  • Thanks Guy I will look into it. The problem with my brain is it goes in one direction and then stops and says ummmm! :)

  • I have allways used technogy long before iphones or my accident.

    I now use shared lists/notes and shared calender plus the fact that my phone/tablet etc knows my work adress/phone number etc and such.

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