Atlas Bone misalignment

Just heard about Atlas Bone misalignment possibly causing posture problems, hip rotation and leg shortening issues. Has anyone had any experience as to whether this is genuine or worth a go? Brother has ABI and left with head unable to turn to right, spine has started to curve and hip rotation /leg length degenerating. Can Atlas Bone misalignment be a cause? Where can I seek independent advice? dont want to waste time or put him at risk with 'quacks'

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  • Hi happy2care. If you click on 'Communities' you will find an extensive choice of forums, some of which might be more knowledgeable on this particular issue. Good luck.

  • thanks cat3

  • Hi happy2care,

    Thanks for your post, as Cat says there may other communities that could be helpful for this - try the search box above.

    Otherwise you might be best to speak to his GP and see what they say, perhaps regarding physiotherapy. As you say it's important to avoid possible 'quacks', so this could be a good start.

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  • Hello ....I did a McTimoney-Chorley Chiropractic course and yes these are common and readily correctable problems. Increase in leg length is most often caused by forward rotation of the hip which can be straightforwardly adjusted. Also this particular Chiropractic discipline has a very safe technique for re-aligning the Atlas so Google for you nearest practitioner or get back to me

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  • thank you for the info 'allright' - if this is a known technique then I will spend some time researching it - with the brain injury complications I need to be sure it would be ok so I think I can ask his GP now with some confidence that it is a potential option. Thank you. Happy2care

  • Hi Happy2Care... I suggest that you Google the McTimoney-Corley website and learn about the approach and then talk to the Witney McTimoney-Corley people. They most certainly will have time to talk over the problems and the significance of the ABI. Your GP may in fact know nothing about this particular therapy...and most importantly the word Chiropractic, I believe, only means 'by hand', so his experience of 'Chiropractic' may well be totally different. Ultimately my personal suggestion is for you to have a treatment yourself so that you can relate the experience to the person you care for.

    All my very best


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