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Happy Friday

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Happy Friday! Love this quote shared by @projecthappiness_org , it’s a quote that is great for mental health awareness and something I can relate to myself. It takes my brain 4-5times longer to process information than a normal brain but that doesn’t stop me !

Let’s take a moment and if you want to support this challenge then please sign up for the campaign - follow the details below :

#Repost @projecthappiness_org with @get_repost


Remember self-care, patience, self-compassion as you are reaching your goals!Sign up for our campaign today!

👆Link in bio👆

Thank you @powerofspeech for gifting us a tote bag with this inspiring graphic. One lucky #RaceForWellness participant will receive this original piece, in support of mental wellness in schools. Happiness is a skill that can be learned.

#projecthappiness #wellness #feelgooddogood #powerofspeech

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Hi Kavib. You are always happy. Young with good information that you share on here for us. Thank you. I remember that your share about a another group for injuries in the brain. I know that HeadwayUK is the best but not our headway. 😠😠😠. Please can you share again. Thanks

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