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Happy post


Hi all (post for BOTH sides)

I would just create a happy post to try and bring everyone together (both in and out of the shadows) in light of all the forum negative.

The only rule for this post is if you are going to comment please let it be positive.

My postive comment:

I feel extreme relaxed and and enjoying my holiday in Belfast and feel like my spirtual, mental and physical chakras alighted ready to deal with work on Wednesday.

Everyone, deep breathe, clear thoughts and I look forward to reading some positive posts.

And my story is all written up (I won't go into my not scan as I feel that's negative and not the object of this post)

If you aren't feeling postive i can point you to some music which will hopefully help you feel postive if needed

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YAY!I love it when my charkas are all beahaving themseleves. Plus i just made my hubby steak and chips for his birthday dinner (a true labour of love as iam veggie) He has chef made carrot cake for pudding,i love our local pub!

bexx87 in reply to razyheath43

Happy birthday to your hubby and I don't want this weather to change lol I have gotten Spanish tan from my back garden which every comments on :-)

Thanks for a bit of non normality.

Now where did I leave my charas so I can see if they are aligned.

Love Belfast but haven't been for a while. As for getting a tan in the back garden ....sounds painful.....Does laying in the rain till I rust count.

Pax x

bexx87 in reply to paxo05

Lol not tanning isnt painful but rusting does sound painful

I just dont like reading that people are leaving this forum and people are ... i dont know how to postively finish that sentance

Think summer has ended around here. Just left with heavy showers.

bexx87 in reply to paxo05

Excuse me while i refuse to believe you :-p

Elenor3 in reply to bexx87

Ha ha :)

paxo05 in reply to bexx87

You are excused.... Oh and rain has stopped. ....Thank you

Hi Bex - Would be interested in your "happy" music suggestion. Clare x

bexx87 in reply to CH56Twin


Thank you Bex - Listening to it now - very soothing.X

bexx87 in reply to CH56Twin

Glad you enjoy it

I also suggest this:


I like happy posts! Regularly do them myself and love meditating Bexx87

sospan in reply to Kavib

You have to be careful - statistics have proven that 6 out of 7 Dwarfs aren't Happy :-)

Can i please bump my post :-p

I'm going to bed, sleepy time!!

Happy days, or nights


bexx87 in reply to BaronC

Dream happy dreams

I'm digging the positive vibes :). Peace man V.

I'm not well into chakras but know a bit about it. I think anything natural/spiritual is great stuff.

Simplicity is brilliance.

I am a simpleton :).

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