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10 mile walk coming up


The BI group I go to is planning hill walks to build up to walking 3 Yorkshire peaks. My idea and few others keen to walk the 3 peaks. We would jump straight in to walk them straight away but as I would like the man who runs group to join in as it’s through him not thinking I would manage them I want to try to walk them to prove him wrong😂. Actually admitted I probably was a bit over keen to try without thinking how I’d manage as the staff are now being more cautious about the walks.

We did a 5 mile hill walk last month where 2 people didn’t manage the full 5 mile and another 1 or 2 struggled so it did prove not everyone finds walking easy. I’d assumed everyone would be fine.

Next month we have a 10 mile hill walk at hope valley I think everyone should be ok with this as only people who managed 5 mile easy enough are doing it. I’m expecting to be fine but it will be a sort of easy test to see how I am in different situations as I’m going to be up earlier than normal need to be getting train at time that is earliest I’m normally ever up. Then not normally going up many hills and my balance not great tho can normally stay upright. This is like the first and easiest test. Well I’ve got to manage this or I’ve no chance managing 3 peaks. Will be interesting to see how I get on and when I start finding it tough. My guess is probably 15 near end and 20 mile.

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Well, after arranging a 26 mile walk, I thought the best approach was simply to insist that folk walked their own marathons, be that 26 miles or 26 metres. The majority of people taking part in the walks that were arranged in the name of 'Walk With The Baron' didn't walk 26 miles but it was the taking part that mattered, and that's all that counts.

Don't expect too much, just do the best you can and tell everyone else the same thing. It was a great walk and I'm sure your own will be too.

Yea it is 100% me wanting to try this just to show I can manage or see if I can manage. I believe people learn better from their own experiences and mistakes like the 2 women who didn’t manage the 5 mile walk would have both tried the 10 mile one if we had done 10 mile first. So they have both been sensible and said no to 10 mile but neither would have liked to be told they couldn’t do the 10 mile they needed to find out for themselves. I am the same I always assume nothing will happen or go wrong but obviously sometimes can be wrong but I would rather give things a go and fail than not attempt them.

For these walks I’m assuming I will manage them all but I know if I didn’t I would be upset but even then at least I’ll have learnt my own limitations rather than someone stopping me trying. I understand the charity needs to cover themselves so they can’t get blamed if anyone did take ill and now with me and my mum signing to say I should be ok it’s up to me to make sure I am ok.

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