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Always someone worse off


How many people take being able to walk for granted? Be honest do you ever think how lucky you are to be able to walk even if you can’t walk far? There is a woman who goes to BI group I go to who has been in wheel chair for last few years since having a stroke. Before this she was quite active. Last year she managed to get out of wheel chair and walk a bit, she had hoped to walk across the Humber Bridge this February but she was having problems with lifting her legs to walk so now is waiting for an operation in hope she will be able to walk again but no garentees it will work.

She is such a lovely woman who always wishes people well and never moans about anything. She does miss out on quite a bit (not sure if she would want to do stuff she misses) but even a trip we had last week that was suitable for everyone to a park she didn’t go but there were things she wouldn’t have been able to do like going on a splash boat and on a train round park. The staff do everything they can to include everyone in everything. But short of being able to make her able to walk there isn’t anything they can do about most things.

I would normally never have given a thought to anyone in wheel chair not in nasty way but if you not been in that situation you don’t no what it’s like. I was in wheel chair for few week after my accident and that was bad enough I hated it. Things you take for granted I needed to ask someone to help me with. It’s hard to get used to having to ask someone to help you get a bath or into bed or take you to toilet. Since I was in wheel chair I think how lucky I am to be able to get up and do stuff for myself and I know if I had to rely on being in wheel chair I wouldn’t be able to do anything that I do now including going to the BI group.

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I feel lucky for my recovery every single day of my life!

Yes I am glad I can walk still. Initially at hospital I could not stand on my feet so I thought i would just have to use a wheel chair. But over time my legs have got stronger. I do feel gratitude that i can still walk and drive. One has just to get on with what they have and always be thankful and grateful.

Yes every day I am grateful that I can walk. Initially after my bi I couldn't and still have problems walking.

I was also told I would be in a wheelchair by now so I am thankful for every day I can stand and walk.


I had the experience of being in a wheelchair for a bit a few years ago too. It is a very hard thing to get used to and I am ever-thankful that I can walk again now. I have a long-term BI that I've had since childhood and have always, for as long as I can remember, been very aware of my own mortality and how lucky I am not to be affected more. For most people it is one of those things they don't miss until they don't have it though. I would love to raise awareness of how much disability (seen and unseen) affects a person. Just not sure how.

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