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Vp shunt problems


I’ve had my vp shunt for around 4 months now I got my shunt for an undiagnosed medical problem due to the issues I had lost a lot of my sight and had excruciatingly bad migraines I would pass out ever so often lost muscle in my body from being bed bound due to my health I got the shunt fitted and since then my vision got better I could almost see perfectly but over the last few weeks my vision is starting to get substantially worse and I’ve grown a lot a small lumps around my head and be in a lot of discomfort along my shunt track and had a lot of stiffness to my neck not sure if I should worry or not or is this normal?

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Lisa, you should see your doctor for an emergency appointment or go to your local A&E for a check. If the shunt is failing it might be diverting material to other areas so you need to have it looked at to avoid further issues. Or if there's an infection problem that too would need immediate attention.

Get yourself checked out before the weekend m'dear. Hope you get it sorted. Cat x

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Thanks you cat! Been worrying for a while but wasn’t sure if it was a common thing to happen. didn’t get much information it before I was rushed into surgery. I’ll get an appointment as soon as possible. Lisa x

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