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Hey everyone


It's been a little while and while Tony has pneumonia, sepsis, and Cdiff his vitals and stats for the last weeks or so have been good. His bedsore seems to be healing and went from 4cm to now 2.3 cm. I worry posting good things because then you never know but he's doing better. One issue however is the source of his pain and crying. I've discussed this frequently with all nursing staff, had a meeting my Thursday with the therapist and social worker so we're working on that. Anyway I can't wait till they cap his tray he's eager to speak. Also I've practiced with him "A, b and c" thanks for all the well thoughts and prayers we still pray for you all ..btw I made tiny a shirt from me and the furkids for fathers day I want to share with u guys

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You are so strong :) I have been following your posts from the beginning and hoping and praying that no news did not mean bad news. Was so pleased to see your post today and to know that it's not that way

Like you say it can be a worry posting up about good things but it is really lovely to see your devotion to your lovely man and I do hope that things continue to progress and go well for you both. I know that no matter what you will be there for him and this must be an enormous comfort to him right now.

Gemma xx

Really appreciate this thanks Gemma

When I see your posts Armani it reminds me of the best side of human nature, then of all the other carers/partners etc. caring for loved ones.

Love & hugs, Cat x 🌺

HopeforTony in reply to cat3

Ty xx hoe you r well