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Baby steps ! Minimally conscious. Buh bye trach.


The trach is out ( a mere 4 days) and Russ is talking. Only a few words but all are appropriate to whats being said. He is finally "squeezing our hands" and wiggling his toes. Baby steps that mean so much. Keep praying for all patients in/post their journey. Keep showing them photos, talking to them, recording messages from friends n family, playing music, body massage, i let Russ lick suckers or a potato chip...keep researching, thinking and get creative. The brain needs stimulation. Touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight - hit them all.

Positivity, persistence, patience. 🙏❤

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Such great news Angelia ; looking forward to hearing reports of Russ going from strength to strength ! 🙂 Cat x

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