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Occupational Therapist lied

We applied for a DFG for us to have a downstairs toilet built and some other minor disabled improvements to our council home.

We entered into formal complaint with our local council in january this year and still no formal letter of resolution in stage 1 of complaint procedure. That's 7 MONTHS down the line.

We had complained about three things:

1. When will works to our home under the Decent Homes Program commence and what support will we be given.

2. The lack of basic repairs to the home and even major health and safety issues.

3. Disabled adaptations under the DFG are required.

The Housing Ombudsman has just issued a formal warning to the council which according to him is very rare and I speak to him quite often by phone.

Then we had another bunch of assessors for the DFG work called my partner on monday saying they wanted to come and do a feasibility study for a DFG within 48 hours. The third such visit in 7 months. The last lot came 3 weeks ago to assess the feasibility of the building works and said it was fine.

The lot that came yesterday work for a private company who undertake DFG assssments for local government. Imagine our surprise to find they had two reports on us from an Occupational Therapist who works directly for the local council who has totally fabricated two "Full disabled needs assessment reports" which are full of blatant lies and she has never ever undertaken a disabled needs assessment. We have seen her once only for an hour when she refused to discuss anything other than basic works under the Decent Homes Program and nothing else.

The good news is the lady from the private company who came to see us yesterday is leaving the company and was very kind in letting us take copies of the OT's fake a dishonest assesssment reports which we had never seen before and we were 100% unaware of.

Bingo !!! Thanks !!!

Now we have perfect and irrefutable evidence against the OT.

So here we are 4 years after first asking for a DFG to enable us to adapt our home for our disabled needs.

We are 7 months into a council formal complaints procedure with no formal letter in response.

The Housing Ombudsman is on board and has issued a final warning to the council.

We are about to contact the Local Government Ombdusman who deals with the DFG application.

I have contacted the OTs governing body and I have all the paperwork for a "Fitness to practise complaint" ..... it takes 12 months at least.

I am becoming sick to death of medical professionals who are absolute liars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An occupational therapist would know how much damage this would cause to us.

These liars are paid to do a professional job.

Can anyone explain why medical professional in the care professions lie like this?

I don't understand why they would hate disabled people so much to hurt them by lying.

The council lying? Well yeah in a way we are used to that, but a qualified and accredited medical person who is part of the care services to blatantly lie? and very obviously so.

Sick of it.

Thankfully it is Headways open day and bbq today so we (my parthner and I) will be able to escape the distress for a while.

As a very ill person myself and 24/7 carer of another very ill person, it isnt good for medical professionals to lie like this. Their lies are damaging our health.

As long as my strength holds out we will continue to stay alive.

These people will kill us given the chance.

I really pity those who havent got my F/O attitude and who get taken apart by these lying professionals.

But they arent professionals, they dont know the meaning of the word.

They are charlatans, blaggards, theives and liars.

I was successful in having a Tribunal Judge on my partners DLA appeal removed from office a few years ago because she is/was a liar. So an Occupational Therapist is the next bare faced liar I have to deal with.

Not only for us but for the sake of all the other disabled people she may well have lied about.

Once a liar etc?

Love to all of you.

Bless you !

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Sorry you are being treated so unfairly and it causing you so much stress. It is appalling the way so called professionals behave. I don't understand why professionals blatantly lie at times, but I suspect it is to do with money and time. E.g If they say you are 'fully functioning' etc they can discharge you and get you off their books, which then leaves them more time and money. Maybe I'm wrong, but that is the only reason I can find that would explain this sort of behaviour.

I really hope things get sorted and the stress is taken off of your shoulders. Have a nice time at the BBQ.

Best wishes



My goodness you are a fighter. I am in awe of your determination.

A friend of mine who had RSI badly encountered a physiotherapist who worked for occupational health who lied and fabricated a case against her because he was in the pay of the university where she worked. I was appalled - I work with physios, OTs and SLTs who have professional integrity, these rougues give their whole profession a bad name. I am so glad you have got the evidence to nail this unprofessional OT.

Hope the BBQ went well and you were both able to relax a bit.


Full admiration for u and ur attitude,we were lucky with hubbies OT,have u considered ur local mp,u might be lucky and hav good one,they hav good clout if u got honest,reliable one xx


Sadly he isn't a decent MP.

We applied for a DFG 4 years ago. We had the assessment then the council refused to talk to us for over a year whenever we asked where was the DFG approval.

So we asked our MP for help. He finally obtained a written reply from the council leader who lied about the reasons for not sorting the DFG.

I showed the MP evidence to prove the council leader had lied to him, but he washed his hands if it.

Considering the MP is a legal professional he did nothing about the lies in the council leaders response to him and did not stand up for us.

Our council are corrupt though.

I could tell you about the asbestos dust we had on the floors in the house.

I'm a bit new to local government and always owned my own homes.

I had no idea how dishonest the council can be with their tenants.


Sorry to hear that Hun,have u tried social work,last thing i can suggest,only if u can find good one that is,they not best thought of but if u can get one in ur corner,watch out council xxx


Thanks very much for that!! Good advice :-)

Emailed our social worker with full details of how the OT has lied.

Wait and see how he responds. He has been fairly supportive so far.


Thanks for the positive comments everyone :-)

The open day and bbq was totally brilliant.

Everyone was happy, smiling and talking.

I mean everyone!

We had so many people talk to us who we didnt know and hadn't met before.

What a Great day.

Had my photo taken by the press with a few other likely looking lads. Should be good.

Changed the whole day to a positive.


if i have that sort of problem i get my local counciller and she always sorts out the problem hope this helps


Hayavusa I am horrified by your story, the distress it must have caused you and your family. Professionals think they can cover their tracks, drake their feet, patronise us. Good for you for fight, but I can only guess the fatigue and stress this has caused. I am so sorry.

Just to say you not alone my OT has lied about my headway assessment, quoting handwriting was illegible and she would not expect this from her students! Thus I lost headway funding! Now CEO I contacted at Headway and suddenly OT can read it. There was an air of 'you must have got confused, BI etc'. I am fuming, but I have a witness my key worker from home works so another complaint goes forth!


It seems to have got worse in recent years with people persueing a political agenda, a money saving agenda or just excercising their own personal prejudices.

What do you do? Lie down and let them walk all over you? I am sure some people get so depressed they give up the fight.

But that often seems to be the plan that if they make it hard enough then people give up.

There is a trend of beating on disabled people generally.

I get sick of it, but they leave me with no choice but to fight.

It is the minority of people who do the damage and I don't take it as a reflection of all medical staff.

I have major trust issues anyway from my accident and the aftermath.

I'm a bit tired today and not happy.


Yes the trend does seem you have to fight for everything when disabled. yes, I am sure a great many do give, due to lack of support, depression, and talked to as if we our complete idiots.

I am sorry to hear you tired, emotionally tiring, which of course cognitively affects our bodies. Take care, by kind to yourself. I had a long bath tonight, with candles lite and turned my phone off. Xx


Thank you :-)

Turning the phone off for a while is good.

I'll be back full strength soon ;-)


You know what it's like then?

Yeah, fight on!!!

I tried emailing our social worker about the lying OT, I didn't expect any help and he didn't let me down. The very minor advice he gave on what to do was incorrect.

He emailed me and called me by my partners name the muppet!!!

Muppets everywhere :-)

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There are good and bad people in every walk of life, but for people like us it makes a difficult life even worse than it needs to be. My Headway OT was lovely and helped me find the right voluntary placement and did so much for me, but Headway in my area has lost the funding and we are being transferred over to the NHS. I hate change.


Any group or body of people are usually judged by the bad actions of the minority be it footballers, the police and bikers as examples.

But it is only a minority of bad people.

I worry about my local Headway staying open since I joined.

I am sorry to hear about yours.


There is more than one way to skin a rat.

So I've written to the OT withdrawing my consent for the OT to work on my case with immediate effect.

That's put that in stop while I make a fitness to practise complaint.


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