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DVLA let's anyone know about your DLA or PIPS


DVLA are allowing anyone to know if your car is road tax exempt through getting higher rate mobility on DLA or PIPS by entering your car registration in their online database.

So any malicious person can obtain personal details about your health and benefits.

DVLA are lying as usual about the truth of the situation.

The government hates disabled people and very obviously so.

What does the law matter when they can attack us and kill us with impunity?

Sick of this hateful bunch of murderers in government.

My neurologist didn't understand why I feel there is no point in me receiving treatment while the government is trying to kill me and other disabled people. The government is killing disabled people and no one is standing up for us.

These politicians are truly evil people.

This is going back to 1930s Germany when they killed all the disabled people first. It's sick and profoundly disturbing.

What is the point of accepting treatment while a loaded shotgun is constantly levelled at your head?

Medical people have no idea even when you explain it to them.

I don't see the point if having treatment for ABI, PTSD and anger management under this constant threat? Why? If the government are going to continue to kill us off?

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hayabusa in reply to 100pipers

Having almost died twice on the same day due to a hit and run car driver and dealing with the nightmare aftermath was because I wanted to live and be there for my family. I could easily have given up and died in the ditch.

I support DPAC and fight my own causes for disabled people against government cut backs targeting the poorest and vulnerable people who are less able to fight than I am. If some of us with the guts to fight the hateful murderous politicians, then more people will continue to suffer at their hands and at the hands of their corrupt private company assessors.

I am not here to be judged by you or anyone else.

I was successful in removing a bent and lying Tribunal Judge in a DLA appeal hearing. I wondered just how many disabled people's lives she had destroyed because she was a bigoted liar.

I put my money where my mouth is and fight for disabled rights.

Don't hate the wrong people.

Despite my own chronic mulitple health conditions not just BI. I use my old skills to fight for all of us.

If people like me don't fight for disabled people who else will?

Reading your post makes me see how much you do need the help of your consultants. Use the help given to you for your advantage.

The government changes have been scary and harsh and unfair. The best way to expose this is to use the tools of survival given to us by the treatments we can get access too.

If we all give up then there will be no one to tell our story, if we have worked at all the treatment offered then they can't say we are not trying to get well, even if we can't get better completely.

The DVLA hold data bases for all drivers, if they release our details to anyone then we have Data Protection Act to fall back on. I have no care if anyone knows of my status tho. I am me.

You sound as if you are highly anxious at the moment, has your medication has been changed or adjusted recently?

hayabusa in reply to Danslatete

Please see my above post, if I have upset anyone I will leave the forum.

I am a fighter, always have been.

cat3 in reply to hayabusa

Please don't go anywhere hayabusa, your passion for equality and fairness is so lacking in our present society. You are a hero, and it's often being tested to our limits that prompts us to stick our head 'above the parapet'. Well done.

Love Cat x

hayabusa in reply to cat3

Cat3 I have huge admiration for the way you are so lovely in the way you support other people. You stand out like a bright shining light for anyone to see.

It takes all sorts to help and support and also to fight for what is right and for fair play and for justice.

I am not an average kind of person, I will stand up to anyone.

Taking down a dishonest Tribunal Judge on my own with no legal support was no small task, but I did it for everyone else's life that she would have ruined. That gives people some idea of my abilities despite being very badly broken.

At the end of the day I care and I will always passionately defend those who are unable or less able to defend themselves.

You must receive gross injustice yourself to understand the true meaning on injustice.

I have a very simple belief that goes like this:

The strongest people amongst all of humanity are there to look after and protect the weak, vulnerable and less able, not to steal from them, beat them and treat them badly.

It's a good principle to have and to follow in spirit and in action.

Thank you Cat3, you are a star. A very bright one.

cat3 in reply to hayabusa

Thank you hayabusa for your lovely, kind words. I guess we have established mutual admiration. Your paragraph

regarding the strong looking out for the

weak contains my life-long sentiments so I applaud yours.

Such a pity that those with the power to implement that philosophy have only their own interests at heart.

Take care, Cat x

hayabusa in reply to cat3

The laser precision sight is a rare gift, coupled with having seen a bit of life.

You too, take care.

Danslatete in reply to hayabusa

You didn't upset me, it just concerned me that you might not be feeling too good.

We are being hounded and I too feel the stresses. It's good that there are people who will stand and shout loudly.

I don't you to leave :-)

hayabusa in reply to Danslatete

Forums are not best for getting to know people. But I like the forum a lot. I never came here wanting support but always intended to give to others.

I am always having a bad day with chronic pain so sorry for my failings in not dealing with it quite so well sometimes.

That's why I have the bike garage so my little lady can lock me in there lol

She feeds me thin pizza under the doors now and then :-D

Tbh, I wrote that late when I was tired and in a lot of pain. My bad.

I had never heard of this but was quite concerned about the details in this post ....and so I went to the DVLC website.

There is indeed a section where you can enter the registration and make of a vehicle and get some basic information...so I entered our vehicle reg and make and got some very basic details. The date the car was first registered, that it is taxed when tax runs out, engine size, colour and that it falls into disabled tax status...

BUT all of that information would be pretty much available to anyone who got close enough to the vehicle. The reg number gives away the year, the make and model and colour are clearly apparent and the tax disc has disabled stamped across it and carries the expiry date so anyone passing close enough to read it would know that.

There is no information about me, no mention of why the car is disabled tax class or what that means and no clue as the location of the vehicle on the DVLC website.

To be honest in light of what information I was able to glean I see no cause for concern...of course if you have other information that I missed I would love to know. Disability services have way too much info on us and if this is not being properly secured I would not be happy at all.

hayabusa in reply to iforget

In breach of the data protection act, any member of the public can obtain personal details about your health from this page on the DVLA website.

I am as unhappy as many others for two reasons.

It leaves people who are in receipt of tax exemption because of higher rate mobility open to malicious action from the hate brigade who are targeting disabled people on the streets and in their homes.

This action by the DVLA is in breach of the DPA and they know it.

Knowing the alphabetical class of taxation on the vehicle is fine, but no member of th public needs to know my disabled status or my tax exemtpion. No one can see my car unless they enter my property.

Disavbled people have become increasinlgy at risk in their own homes becasue of the prejudicial and dishonest campaign by government in preaching hate propoganda about disabled people in persuit of whatever political agenda.

Our Adult Social Care OT refused to put grab rails by our front door becasue she said we will be targeted if locals know we are disabled. So the Care team will not put up any external indication if they don't have to.

The bones of the illegalities and the risks to us:


Sorry but I must be dense because I don't see how they can get my personal information from that webpage when I couldn't find any information that is not readily available to anyone who walks past our car in a car park or in the street...please could you explain how they do that?

A car tax band is either A,B,C,D,E,F etc but the tax band is not "tax exempt" that is personal information about the driver/owner. If I sell my car it reverts to a band A,B,C etc.

So they are applying my personal situation to my car which anyone can access from a distance without getting near my car.


To be honest no I still get don't get it... To look up a vehicle I needed to have the registration number and the make of vehicle so random strangers from afar would not be able to locate the info in the first place if they did not pass close enough to the car to obtain the basic details... and even then they would not learn any information they did not already have and in particular nothing that identified the owner or their approximate location so I really fail to see what all the fuss is about. There is still no information available that people could not discover if they passed my car in a car park.

I did take a look at the link you provided but it feels that site seems to me to be leaning towards being a political platform which present information in way that is bordering on scaremongering to aid its agenda.

Thanks for raising the issue. I have learned something I did not know.

I guess I didn't put it across very well.

It's a point of law and I will challenge it with the ICO.

The only political agenda is the government's spiteful and unjustified attacks against disabled people.

Have to say I don't feel that the government are mounting spiteful attacks against me either...perhaps I slipped through the net ;)

Me neither, but someone has to make a stand and I really don't need to show you the number of people the DWP have killed already.

"People the DWP have killed"?

I think I am going to step away from this conversation now ...take care

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