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Can omega 3 be used for treating coma patient with hypoxic brain injury?


My father has been diagnosed with hypoxic encephalopathy after respiratory arrest due to medical error while having endoscopy, the oxygen supply wasn’t sufficient for about 25 mins , it has been 46 days today since his injury, and yet he’s still in what I can call vegetative state, sometimes he’s more conscious that he looks me in the eyes or like open his mouth when I ask him to , other times he’s just not there .

Doctors keep on saying that it’s the best he will get , and that there’s no chance for any progress, but I’m not giving up on him no matter what , he’s the only one for me .

He’s 48 with DM, HTN and HCV , is it too early for them to judge that he’ll stay the same or there’s a chance he will get better? Please anyone with similar case help me I’m totally desperate and helpless.

I’ve been doing my researchs since he got in , And I’ve seen some topics talking about how high doses of Omega3 fatty acids helped 3 guys to recover from coma or vegetative state , although their cases was traumatic brain injury unlike my father’s case but I found another research that assumes it might also help with non-traumatic brain injuries, I talked with the doctors but they refused to perform this protocol on him as they never tried it before, but I want to ask you guys if someone tried this protocol and if it helped them, if so, I’ll try to talk to the doctors again , because if there’s nothing else we can do , and if it’s not going to harm him so I say why noy try it .

I’m trying not to lose hope and fight for my father but it feels so so so bad I don’t even believe it’s really happening, Please everyone give me your opinions and support, thanks you

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Listen I was gonna do the same thing this week by asking them to give him high doses of it like the woman did for her son on YouTube please check it out. They always tell you what won’t work but offer not much to help. We have to stick together and try any and everything let me know

Yes I saw the YouTube videos about that and I’m thinking I should insist on giving it to my father, you do that too , thanks for replying and support

No doubt it’s gonna be hard those doctors don’t like to most of the time take suggestions and try anything other than there own protocol don’t let them make you feel stupid or anything just cause you’re not a doctor keep in touch good luck to you guys

I’m a medical student and yet they make me feel Stupid and take my words as if they were nothing. They act like we should just stop trying and wait for him to die, best wishes of recovery for you fiancé, I hope he gets well soon and my father too

Yes exactly but hundreds of people like ones in these post are examples that there is life they are human and someone we care and love. Keep researching feel free to pm me anytime we can help each other, good luck in your studies you’d be a fine doctor much love to you and your dad and I pray for you both health and recovery strength and patience

My daughter's Consultant was quite happy to prescribe Omega 3 as he didn't think that it would do any harm !!!

How is she now? Any improvements ?

And also have you tried electrical stimulation?

I would like to think that she is improving. The docs thought that she was likely to die but she is alive!!. She has been in a vegetative state for nearly 3 years and I am still hoping that she will come out of it. When awake she opens her beautiful big eyes and I KNOW she can hear !!! Don't give up on your dad !!!

Thinking of you and you dad

I hope she gets better soon , I’ll pray for her and you .

No, I haven't tried electrical stimulation. I ought to look into that

Okay please let me know if you found anything useful,

And how long has she been talking Omega3 ?

between 6 to 7 months. I was thinking of probably starting it again. The smell is overpowering so I thought I would give it a rest.


I would try the omega 3 protocol. It can’t do any further harm.

I have more faith in nature these days and I have heard about how omega 3 is good for the brain. I get omega 3 from hemp seeds, I don’t have loads and loads but I have enough.

I have done some research myself and I am into conspiracy theories and I don’t trust the pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) as they are there to make money. So when you say that the doctors won’t perform the omega 3 protocol, I can kind of see why... cos they will lose out on money.

That’s what Big Pharma is all about, making more and more money. They make money from making us sick.

There are most probably other natural foods out there that can help but it’s knowing about it and the mainstream media do not tell you these things.

HopeforTony in reply to Matt2584

Very true

As I stated for myself, not knowing zero about omega oils... It's made for me, assertiveness, vocal, sharp decision /analytical state of mind unknown for years. Best material for brain repair.


How is your dad now? I'm in the same position with my husband . It's 8 weeks post HB injury . So I'm hoping as you been through it perhaps you can share your experience of what worked etc?

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