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Running first 10k in April

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I have signed up to run my first 10k in April. I only started running a bit in November thanks to being encouraged by staff at a BI group I go to. The man who set group up has been giving me personal training. He said at start of this month he wasn’t doing any more PT after this month with anyone. I was disappointed but intend to carry on running after me making most of the last few sessions and making it clear I hoped he would change his mind he has agreed to do sessions when he can which will likely be to fit in with me being at BI group. He agreed last week to a session end of next month and today without me even trying to get him to say he will do more sessions he said a couple in March.

This is likely cos I’ve pushed myself to manage more every session and he knows I need to practice to manage 10k in 90 min which at min I would struggle with and I’ve signed up as I know I would only be a bit over 90 min and he has said it’s ok. Also possible extra sessions leading up to a marathon relay in September.

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Hi Keele hope all goes well. Pace yourself and most of all enjoy it.


Fantastic sounds like a good goal!

That sound horrendous, are you sure your judgement hasn't been impaired following your TBI.

Seriously impressive though, God help you!!

Not expecting it to be easy far from it. Furthest I’ve run up to now is today just over 7k and I was struggling towards end, but I’d said I was going to get to 7k and I did. I know I need to work on my speed and distance but having got PT to offer a few extra sessions in March which I wasn’t expecting is going to be enough to make me push to get through it. As long as I manage it in 1 hour 40 min or less I’ll be happy. My first ever 5k was 50 min less since then so put 2 together 100 min obviously giving time for slowing down as I get tired.

Your be fine, each time you race or just going for a run your time gets better and breathing becomes easier. I did my first half marathon last year. Just keep it up. Strava is a good app on your phone to monitor your pace/ distance/time. Hope it goes well. X

Thanks I have Endomondo which I use and my PT also has it so he can keep track of what I do. Am slightly worried I may struggle to manage 10k in 90 min, but I know my PT will be encouraging and with practice it shouldn’t be too much over. Also I needed to at least attempt this 10k or I would of likely gave up with running and I don’t think my PT would be doing few sessions in March with me so it’s like I got to do it so I don’t let him down. Also I want to be part of this 10k as it’s the 6th year anniversary of him having BI so it’s like celebrating how all this BI group and PT started.

Fantastic decision! Don’t put yourself under too much pressure, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Don’t forget mind fitness is as important as physical fitness in any sport!

Hi keeley. Runners have always inspired me. It started when my sister checked out a hardcover book on the subject years ago. The very idea! I thought books were for adventure and fantasy. But I've run enough to understand. Running was a love and feat my old seargent used to pull out of his bag of tricks. I'd never come close to matching him. Now, I'm about his age he was. I wis I'd had his discipline - uh, and sense of humor. Plz keep us updated! Runnings a nice place to be.

Thanks for replies. I never thought I’d want to start running used to hate it, but since joining BI group it’s got to stage where if I run there will be more for me to do with them and aim for. Having personal training has been enjoyable and given me something to focus on. Now I’m on my own running for a month, but this 10k is going to be hard so giving me something to focus on. Also my PT offering sessions nearer the time is helping me keep pushing myself.

Decided I’m going to work on distance one day and speed next day to see how I get on as it doesn’t matter now if I can’t manage what I planned one day now. I never wanted to not manage a session of PT.

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Mixing up you training is good.

Well done you. I am sure he will help you to plan out you run. Let us know how you do. We will all be rooting for you. Put you name on your t-shirt and people will shout your name to encourage you along 👍

Excellent - well done! I really hope it goes well. Be careful, though - running is addictive! :-)

I was a keen (although slow) runner, before my accident. A year after my accident, I did a charity 10k for Cancer Research (and I got lots of sponsorship - everyone was really impressed with me!). Then a few years later, I ran the London Marathon, raising money for Headway. I say 'ran', but I walked a lot of it. I finished in 6h40 (blush, blush, but hey, I had done one a few years before my accident, and finished not far under 6 hours, and hey, I am now brain-injured, and 'blind'!). I ran it again two years later, and shaved a whole ten minutes off my time. :-( I was happy about the achievement, even if I was embarrassed to have had to walk so much of it.

Unfortunately, a few years ago, I started having a lot of pain in my hip and backside. The doctors eventually operated on it, but it hasn't fixed it, so I can't run anymore. :-( I really, really miss it. (My waistline does, too!)

I really miss running. I hope you really enjoy the race.

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Never thought I would say this but I would like to eventually run a marathon tho long way off at min. Focusing on the 10k for now then part of a marathon in September then see what happens. I am finding it hard to push myself when I struggle running on my own. Seems like the man who been doing my personal training is going to do sessions leading up to runs so could be case of planning my own when there isn’t any coming up.

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Flumptious in reply to keeley24

Well go for it!

But not yet - build up slowly, and take it easy. Enjoy what you are doing, for now. You can get to the marathon, but you can take plenty of time getting there. For now, just run, and enjoy it!

Do plenty of stretching and stuff.

You say you can't run on your own. Why is that? I have done most of my running on my own - I tend to be so much slower than everyone else, so I don't have other people to run with. :-(

I used to have a group at work, when I lived in South Africa. We would go out one or tow lunchtimes a week. One of them was near retirement, and he was slower than me. I used to love those runs - people were just chatting, and the faster guys would do extra loops sometimes, to make it harder for them.

I can run on my own but not as enjoyable. The man who’s been doing PT with me wasn’t sure if I’d manage the 10k in 90 min and I have to admit I’m unsure, but I’ve signed up as I know if I didn’t I wouldn’t be practicing running and I don’t think he would have offered few sessions in March.

I have been practicing my speed up to now can do half a km in under 4 min which would be ideal speed to start the 10k but need to be able to do 10k after starting at that speed.

Well practicing 1 min run 30 seconds walk to try to get faster. Also got 3 other probably more fun challenges after 10k. End of April is a inflatable assault course 5k then June total warrior assault course then the week after 3 Yorkshire peaks oh them September a part marathon. Well I’ve had easier recovery than most people so got to make most of it.

This was after a disappointing start to year when the man I was having personal training with decided he wasn’t doing any more with me. So now looking to be another good year to be celebrated by the 10k run which is near enough 6 year anniversary of the man who set the BI group up getting BI. Never thought something bad happening to someone could make so much good happen and he also feels it’s turned out to be a good thing.

Update. After much thought of the best approach to the 10k I’ve decided I’m going to aim to run it all. Slowish run but still run. I’m finding it easier to keep going, been practicing up slight hills and keeping to a set time. Should be going for run with man who organises the 10k in just over a week. He had said we would do 8k but I’m thinking of doing 8k before then and see if I can manage the full 10k with him. Definitely going to do this 10k.

Well I’ve now been challenged to running 10k this week. I should be going for run next week with man who organises the 10k so was thinking of asking him to do full 10k route to see how I manage. Woman who works with him had other ideas, she’s challenged me to running 10k this week to see how long it takes then aim to get faster time when running with man next week. Oh to increase pressure she’s said she will sponsor me £10 instead of £5 if I manage it. Plus side will be being able to tell man I can run 10k instead of 8k he planned to do.

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