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Disabilities no better after 2 years



This is my first time on here.

I had a rtf 2years ago and suffered a stroke which left me paralysed on my right arm and leg. Feeling very frustrated still have no functioning use of my hand and arm. Anyone else suffering with physical disabilities.

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I should think 99% of stroke survivors,have to suffer a lot of disability,being either physical or mental,

I myself, although not seeing it,have been so lucky in the small amount i suffer.

Best wishes to you..

A woman who attends the BI group I go to had a stroke and has been in wheelchair most of time since. She managed to get back walking towards end of last year with a stick with 4 points at bottom. She can hardly use one leg like has to rest on good leg and just use bad one for a second to take step. She has no use in 1 arm and had to go back to using wheelchair for some reason. Which will mean she will be unable to do a walk across Humber bridge next month that she really wanted to do. Feel sorry for her as she is so nice and never moans but misses out on a lot at the group cos of struggling with walking. Staff at group do all they can to help and try to include her but there are so many people all capable of different things they have to include stuff some are not able to join in. Already got another new woman who is desperate to get to be able to do more she used to play rugby now can’t manage any running. Which again shows what the staff are dealing with as I’ve never done running before got encouraged to do so by woman who works there so the man who set group up has started giving me personal training. Something I have never been bothered about but as some of the group are encouraging it I’m enjoying the personal training and thankfully managing it better than the man expected.

We go back to the group on Tuesday and the woman is wanting to try to have run with me. I’m not sure the man will agree to take her with me as she still gets headaches when running and he feels responsible for anyone he takes. I will probably offer to have little run with her afterwards if she feels like trying as I know if I was in her situation I would hate to be missing out on things.

jane 1572 no my problems are mental health. we had a chap who came to group and said he wished he had my level of problems, his right arm was paralysed and he dragged his right leg.

i said to him..................fair exchange and you can have my mental health issues too......disability isnt always physical.

my comments were not aimed at you, welcome to the group

steve x

Jane, Sorry to hear of your frustration. I lost the use of my right arm for a few weeks after a suspected TIA and have suffered numb right leg for 10+ years. Using various vitamins, supplements, exercise, repetition, I have gained back sensation and use in both. Strength is still being worked on. Did you have physiotherapy or have ultrasound on your upper back muscles? If not already, take a daily Vitamin D.

If you have some extra pennies, consider the following:

1. biomat with infrared which can penetrate deep into the body and heals on a soothing level.

Website biomathealth.co.uk or bio-mat.co.uk.

2. pulsed electromagnetic field mat to stabilise inflammation and facilitate healing

Website: lifemat.co.uk

3. sun ancon chi machine: gentle machine to manually facilitate lymphatic drainage in the body

Website: thechimachine.co.uk

Best wishes to you.x

jane1572 in reply to RecoveringH

Thanks for your advice,

Wull try additional supplements and checkout the websites,

All the best x


What is a rtf .?

jane1572 in reply to 54Apple54


I had my car accident in 1998 which has left me with left sided problems. I also cannot walk due to loss of balance and being unconscious for many 4 months after accident. My memory has gone as well short term is poor, long term before the accident bad. I cannot remember getting married or giving birth . I have been told things from my past to compensate.

I have regular physiotherapy to help my physical injuries. This has helped me. I can now walk with a walking stick. It is also helping with my left arm. I have received Physio since the accident and still continue with it. I feel my Physio has helped my physical problems and will continue to.

If you need someone to talk to I am happy to be available.



Luckily after 2 strokes,i have little handicaps compared to others i have read on this site.

Noticed losses in walking,and balance.but worst has to be insomnia..one night is not too bad 2 nights or more tends to be a real bummer.👎

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