16 years later

16 years later

My name is Jonathan.on November 16 2001 I was passenger in a serious car wreck for which I wore brunt of injuries.shattered c6 vertebrae in neck,broken arm resulting in radial nerve paulsy(paralysed forearm and wrist and also wore a severe open wound impact to right side of my head via hitting road at estimated 100kmph) the result was fused c6-c7,tendon transfer of right arm to regain wrist usage and 50+ stitches in my head.initially I was MRI scanned,kept awake for 12 hours,and following that spent 3 months in a spinal unit.my question is I have no recollection of the event,memory today is somewhat impaired to extent sometimes I can't remember yesterday in detail or large portions of my growing up.i have trouble communicating feelings or in conversations when challenged and will go blank,get frustrated and lash out in anger at loved ones and those around me.before realising and feeling really shit afterwards,often speech comes out jumbled and wrong words in simple sentences,social decline,I feel like something is changed and am not the person I used to be.recently was told by professional in one session that there is good chance I have PTSD.after many other diagnoses of depression and chemical imbalance.i really find it impacting my relationships with partner and children.i know it was 16 years ago however could this be linked to my past head injury and has been overlooked all these years??there was no Councilling or follow up regarding the head injury after accident.

Please help or can anyone offer some advice please.

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  • Hi Jonathan. It sounds like your frontal brain got damaged. Even though that may not be the area of impact, the impact would have bounced your brain back and forwards in your skull and the bumpy nodules on the inside of the front of your skull may have damaged your frontal brain. The frontal brain is responsible for the symptoms your describe of memory and emotion etc. I would suggest that you ask your GP for a referral to a neuro psychologist who will do cognitive testing which will identify what area of your brain are not perhaps working so well and causing you the problems you are experiencing. Like you I have had problems with it all being treated as depression as the symptoms of a frontal brain injury/dysexecutive syndrome do overlap. It was only after numerous antidepressants that actually made things worse that professionals have started to accept that its the frontal brain injury.

    Also take a look on the Headway website at the info about frontal brain injury because I think you will find it will explain a lot to you of what you are experiencing.

  • Thank you for sharing.have read the articles on dysexecutive syndrome and it was frightening that I relate straight away to most of the symptoms etc.like reading a piece of my current autobiography.

    Am going to see my gp this week and start trying to get some answers and hopefully something of a more manageable life again.actually really frightened ta dig up that part of my past however glad I took a step and put myself out to others for help and advice.

    Thank you

  • I am pleased Jonathan that you did find the courage to post on here and that the info on dysexecutive syndrome has explained things for you. Similarly I had that light bulb moment too when it explained that my frontal brain had been damaged and validated what I was struggling with rather than thinking it was just me not managing or imagining the problems.

  • Hi and welcome to the forum, my brain injury is 17 years on the 31st jan 2001 (so 10 months before yours), I cant remember any of it, only walking down the steps to cross the road I was in a coma for a month where I suffered phumonia and both my lungs collapsed so I am now asthmatic and was in the childrens ward for a further month (I had it when I was 13 I am now 30) I had councilling but didn't help I was put on depression meds 5 years later which I was on for 2 years and I have been on anxiety meds for 3 years, I suffered insomnia and was put on meds for that and I was dealing with puberty so I was put into a research project called KHINES (Kids Head Injury Ecronine Study)

    I am completely independence (hold a full time job in IT for my local council, have been to college for 10 years, have 9 quilifations, had a car, got a driving licensee, live by myself and managing it all by myself I am currently going though something which I have been referred to the hospital for so my brain is all over the place, I cant sleep, eat, mood swings ect but I am still trying to live life normally which is hard (I have already been told by my boss that my work performance is poor TWICE)


    I also have left frontal lobe damange (see MRI scan profile pic)

  • Thanks for sharing your experience.its something I've battled alone for 16 years and even took a lot to post on here and share something that has impacted my life with others.im glad I finally had courage to ask the question that's been hindering me for so long yet been buried inside to afraid to ask for help and advice

  • for years I thought I was the only person in the entire world dealing with this but as Ive gotten older Ive learnt that every little thing you go though there will be thousands of others experiencing the same thing

  • Your not alone mate i had my tbi 8years ago and reading your story is like reading my on life......nothings every the same on good dayz u just accept it.then theres days u wish u werent here.its hard mate and looking at your picture of your head injury is like looking in a mirror.my scar is on the exact same place above my right ear then right over the top.wish u all the best mate

  • Thanks for sharing your similar predicament and well wishes.i feel a little more at ease knowing it's not just me and something I'm imagining.

  • No its definately not mate and somedays its hard .people see u and say your looking good they cant see the hiden injury and thats a brain injury its a hidden injury and some days its hard.u can fix a broken leg,arm,nose etc u cant fix a damaged brain its dealing with it thats the problem.i used to be a boxer i cant do that no more my life is not the one i want now and i cant do the things i loved doing so its hard to deal with but the big mans not rang the bell yet🔔🔔am still here. all the best mate

  • I'd be surprised if such serious head trauma didn't result in brain injury, the after effects of which would account for your symptoms.

    I'm wondering whether you've had further brain scans since 2001. If not, you might be wise to ask your GP for a referral to a neurology specialist for an up to date scan and cognitive testing.

    Changes in personality, memory issues and emotional instability, among other issues, are all lasting after-effects of brain injury. Until you're clear on the origins of your symptoms they can be mistaken for mental ill-health rather than neurological damage.

    See your GP for a referral Jonathan ; maybe get things moving before the Xmas period as there are long waiting lists for these services. Best wishes, Cat........

  • Thanks Cat.i am going to see my gp this coming week.Surprisingly there were no follow up appointments after my head impact.same also went for my neck plate fusing my vertebrae which hasn't caused me any problem as yet.my main priority is my head injury.it really has and is affecting my day to day life and with a current relationship on the rocks it has started raising some alarm bells that I am In fact "not myself" have recently asked people that were close to me then and now and they have all said that now I've looked into it and started asking questions about who I was to how I now am that They notice I've indeed changed a lot.mood,socially,memory,information retention,learning struggles etc.i really hope to find some answers.

    Thank you for your reply

  • Good to hear you're starting the ball rolling next week Jonathan ; please let us know what your GP has to say.

    It seems the norm to be left fending for ourselves after the initial treatment for brain injury. I think resources are so limited that, unless we ask, they're not provided. I was amazed at the gaping hole in support after two months of brilliant care in hospital..........'til I came to Headway and found it's much the same for everyone.

    If your loved ones struggle to understand your symptoms maybe the free Headway leaflets detailing the effects of brain injury might help to explain the various changes in your behaviour and demeanour. It's hard for others to grasp the weight of fatigue, memory issues and other invisible symptoms when we appear otherwise so normal.

    If you phone 0808 800 2244 (office hours - free call) you can arrange for Headway to post the leaflets to you.

    Cat x

  • Thanks so much.since ive started realising there may be more ta why I'm how I am ive had feedback from friends that tell me that they surprised it was never followed up.

  • Possible BI knock-on effect :- 1) Our difficulties are finally acknowledged and respected. 2) We become less resentful, less defensive and more approachable. 3) Our lighter mood is noticed and appreciation is shown. 4) We relax a little more, reducing fatigue and taking more interest in others. 5) Others take more interest in us. 6) An understanding is reached and conflict is minimised to a manageable level.

    Best wishes for better days ahead Jonathan....... x

  • Yesterday I took the first (and probly hardest) step.took a lot of deep breaths and a few tears.however seen my GP and explained in the best way I could what has been going on for me for so long.my GP was amazing and very open minded and understood what was going on.i must say better than a lot of mental health professionals that we're happy to just prescribe me an abundance of anti depressants and send me on my way in the past.upon asking what I felt the next course of action should be I stated I wished to see a neuro specialist to have cognitive testing.exactly what my GP was thinking so referral was set in motion straight away.i was praise for doin a very courageous thing in taking the steps when pieced together something in me has not been right for a long time,and making the connection to my head injury which so many other professionals had overlooked.im hoping now that seeing the neuro people will help me find the answers I need and put me on the path to finding the person that is the me that has been lost for so long and start getting the right course of treatment for a hopefully slightly better more managable life.Feels much like a journey of self discovery and know will be tough times ahead.however is also helping my loved ones understand and the support has been amazing.

    Thank you to those also on here that have helped me make the connection and given advice.will keep posted of my progress on this journey.

    Much love and healing thoughts to you all

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