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Horse riding

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m new on this website. I had a horse riding accident 6 years ago. My sister and I ended up on a main road not our choice (instructors)!! My horse got spooked and bolted with me on it. I hit my head on a house wall and fell unconscious. I was very lucky!!, compared to some people. I had a fractured skull and bleed on the brain. I am dealing with the side effects daily fatigue, loss of smell and taste, etc, some how I manage.

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Hi Sarah

Sorry to hear about your accident. I know from a friend what a major impact a serious fall from a horse can have. And like you, it was not in any way her fault. Some idiot started hooting for her to get out of the way.

Are you getting help and support with dealing with the symptoms? Fatigue is pretty much teh hardest thing for me atm; that and extreme multi-tone tinnitus which makes me feel that I'm perched on the edge of madness.

Anyways, welcome. Though Im pretty new to this forum and so maybe is a bit cheeky for me to be welcoming folk!

best wshes


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Tinnitus = 'edge of madness'............................ have to agree Charlie ! x


I never really got any help apart from Physio for positional dizziness and my knee where the horse stood on the back of it. I got Headway to talk to my previous boss as they were giving me a hard time.


hi sarahgertrude1 what about other side effects like aggression or mood swings, noise intolerance or inappropriate behaviour?.

this is the recommendation for dealing with fatigue................if you work in the morning rest until the following afternoon, that includes taking part in sleep and hobbies.

welcome to the family



I do 12 hour shifts and have 2 small young children. I try to rest when I can. I struggle in a pub to listen to people if it’s really noisy. I struggle to get my words out if I’m tired or sometimes I can’t find the words!! So frustrating.


sarahgertrude1 i cant be in an environment like that anymore, it makes me aggressive, depending how im sat.

if im sat with my left ear away from any noise ( im deaf in that ear but the sound bounces around and drives me mad ), im ok, the other way and im likely to fly.

i dont know your circumstances, but youre doing too much.


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