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too all my family

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hi its eddie im sorry I havnt been on site im going through a really bad time ,

but I just looked at my replies to me and me to my family .,

and I am so proud to no all of us and beautiful replies to me I just wanted to let no ,

the nicest replies to me mean so much to me and I hope my replies to posts and getting beautiful replies to me im trying my best to deal with my horrific time now.

and ill be back as soon as I get treated and have to get all my paperwork together

its so fatigue ing I think im getting worse so sensitive as well always .

trying the best I can be back soon love eddie

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Sorry you’re going through a bad time,I’m sure this weather doesn’t help , just saying you’re not alone 😒😒

Its good to hear from you Eddie. It does feel like an ongoing battle doesn't it but we're all in it with you.

Sorry I missed your post earlier Eddie. Sending best wishes to you and your family ; stay strong m'love.......... Cat x

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