Charities that need a GP's approval before they help you

I am trying to get hyperbaric oxygen therapy from MS Action (they don't only treat MS). But I'm hitting the wall because they require a signature from your GP. I've already spoken about how useless mine is. That's why I'm trying the charity route - because the GP one is useless! (They would also accept a specialist, but that's not much help when bad GPs block your access to specialists.)

Does anyone know of a HBOT centre in London which accepts self-referrals and doesn't cost a bomb?


(P.S. I plan to switch GPs eventually, but it has to wait until my ADD referral has been processed.)

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  • Unless you can get a private GP and then refer.

  • That's my last-resort option. I don't have much money to spare.

  • Thank you! Unfortunately, nothing close to me takes self-referred patients.

  • hey nightbird glad youve flown back to the nest, long time.

    have they written to your gp requesting a letter confirming your need for your therapy.

    it maybe better if the charity approached your gp.


  • It's good to be back :)

    They're not likely to approach my GP, unfortunately. They sent me an application form requiring a signature from a GP (or consultant). If I can't send the form with a signature, they're not interested in my case.

    It's not a big deal, because I can try again next year after switching doctors. Just a bit... frustrating.


  • Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is not safe for everyone to have and that's why a GP's approval is needed to verify that you currently have no health conditions that could potentially lead to worse side effects from the therapy, for example, if you were someone who already had heart or lung problems. Even if you didn't have any identified health problems there are still risks with having the treatment.

  • That actually makes sense :)

  • I can see why they would want a medical referral otherwise anyone could simply decide they want this therapy and take up a space that is really needed by someone who would benefit form this. If it is not going to cost the NHS or your GP practice anything I can't see why any GP would not sign the referral...have to actually asked your GP? If not try them... you never know.

  • My GP has just retired, and her replacement thinks I'm a hypochondriac. I'm already in the middle of an ADHD referral which is taking ages. A second one (for something very different) would be pushing it.

    It's not a big problem. When I change doctors I'll pursue it again. In the meantime, there are a number of supplements to try - the internet is a big place.

  • Some of these GPS can be a right pita 🙄

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