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Shifting/Sudden Headaches and Fatigue, July 14, 2015 6:30AM

At the beginning of this month, I noticed that I was experiencing symptoms of some sort of VP shunt malfunctions as well as an increase in the intensity of the issues I'll usually have.

Apparently, my shunt catheter has shifted from the left side of my head to the top of my head.

That's just weird.

Although it has been very messed up, I miss how my shunt used to be.

Because of its tightness, position and other problems, I'm afraid of it.

Yet, I need it.

I'm afraid of many things, including telling anyone about my problems.

There isn't really anything anyone can do.

Even if I could talk about what I go through, that could just lead to embarrassment or just be difficult to say due to being in a troubling state of mind.

I think this stress is causing me to bite my cheeks during sleep-at least that's not from seizures anymore. :)

Please make the best of your days, everyone. :D

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Hope someone is able to check it out for you and make sure all is ok though, kady?

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Thank you.


Hi Kady,

The shunt catheter, that is the valve part isn't it? My VP shunt is just behind my right ear.

I know a guy who has a VP shunt as well and his was behind his ear, think it still is. Right or left I don't know. Anyway, he originally had a tumor in one of the ventricules of his brain.

At one point a few years ago he was telling me that he had to have an MRI scan because his doctors were worried that the space his tumor left would join up with the chamber of his brain making one big space in his brain and if that happened he would have to have his shunt valve moved from behind his ear to the top of his forehead.

I don't get to see or speak to him much now but I don't think he had to have the surgery in the end.

Take care,



Thank you.


Have you though about going to a headway meetings?

I was fairly cynical of the idea but I've found it very helpful.


If Headway meetings are in-person, I don't think I could because I don't live in the UK,

If the Headway meetings are online, I still doubt I could make it to any of them because I sleep and take care of things at home during the day so I can go to my workplace with my sister at night.

From what I've seen in the past, meetings about health have been in the evenings.

Thank you, Roger. :)


Lady, how is your shunt? Did you get it checked out, has it moved, or was it just your perception that it had. I Hope all is OK now,,whatever your reply though. x


Whether or not my body experiences the symptoms of moderate to severe shunt malfunctions depends on the current state of my shunt and brain chemistry as well as the functioning of every piece of my shunt.

Unfortunately, there are other health issues that exist alongside this ever-existent shunt issue.

I'm still not able to see a doctor, so all I can do right now is reach out to people and do whatever I can for myself.

Thank you for your kindness, SAMBS. <3

Please make the most of your days. :)


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