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If you're awake - you're not alone

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Hi to all you lovely people who can't sleep and to the people who feel alone.

Hi to anyone who's feeling sad , or afraid of what's happening, especially if your BI is recent and life's feeling a bit weird. It gets better....keep going.

Hi to anyone who's not able to sleep because of worrying about everything - life will go on and thungs will sort themselves out....even if it feels like they won't right now.

Hi to anyone who's thinking they're the only one awake :) surprise !

Hi to people who need a hug - here's a cyber hug for you.

Hi to all the people who have decided to rebel against good sleep hygiene ......put those phones and iPads away at once (only joking ). Sometimes we have to give in to wondering if we're the only person who really can't sleep tonight - w can try again tomorrow.

Hi to anyone who already knows that tomorrow might be a bit wobbly on account of being awake so long.

Hi to anyone who's just reading the posts here and hasn't yet posted.....everyone here had to start with their first post.....welcome if you're thinking of joinging us.

Hi to forum admins ........ High five :)

Just about to put my sleep music on, so wishing you a peaceful rest of the night and lost of sleep

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I’m awake you’re not alone 😜😜😜

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Pat-rick1 in reply to Pat-rick1

Big high 5😂

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Elenor3 in reply to Pat-rick1

Luckily I haven't go to go anywhere toaay. Last night was a record for me - aboit two hours sleep total. Tonight will be better in sure :)

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Pat-rick1 in reply to Elenor3

OMG you will sleep tonight 👌

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Elenor3 in reply to Pat-rick1

And maybe this morning as well :)

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oceanm in reply to Elenor3

Thanks so much for this post Elenor3, been feeling really lonely, feeling better now reading your post and sending a cyber hug back x

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Elenor3 in reply to oceanm

Middle of the night always feels strange - Daytime is very different. This forum has such a great community whatever the time of day :)

I just love your post it makes me feel better you said all the right things 🙏

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Elenor3 in reply to Pat-rick1

Thank you. I was reading all the posts before. Some people are facing unimaginable difficulties. Just sending good thoughts to everyone. Have a good rest of the day. :)

What a lovely post 😊 xxx

Great post & I know the feeling. I was awake for some of the night, short snatches of sleep here and there.

I've been trying to stick to tying to stay asleep and not using the phone/reading when I wake in the night. Some nights it just doesn't work. Things have improved for me sleep wise so I'm sure it's just a blip (I hope) x

I really hope that things can get better x

Thanks for the fellow survivor ☺

Has anyone tried herbal nytol? I drink 'Bedtime tea' by Yogi Tea and sometimes I sleep soundly for a few hours.

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Elenor3 in reply to swedishblue

Great idea thank you - always worth trying new things out :) x

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swedishblue in reply to Elenor3

Can I also say Elenor, nice name....that's my daughter's middle name....that vitamin d also helps sleep. As you know, we up in the northern hemisphere are deficient in vitamin d, so its always worth getting it checked.

I'd been on 40,000 units/week til last week. It caused too much aggro with digestion, etc., so I was taken off it after a short time. I did notice however, that my sleep was good.

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Elenor3 in reply to swedishblue

Thankyou - thats interesting. I had exactly the same experience and had to stop taking it. My deficiency wasn't too great so I'm glad not to have to take it . I'll definyeky look at the nytol :)

I drink that tea also and fine it great 👍

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I've used both Nytol and kalms and both help. I normally sleep well, a good 9/10 hrs. However in the past month or so I've struggled and felt rubbish the next day which isn't good on the days I work. I'm sure it will improve.

Great post btw I feel very blessed to be amongst so many lovely people! :-)

Ladies what I started doing was forcing myself not to nap during the day and almost keeping my eyes open with matchsticks. And going to sleep a bit earlier now around 8/9pm. And I have found that by staying awake as late as possible I have managed to sleep until 5/6 am. It may work for you too.

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