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Awake since 5

I have been awake since 5 so thought I would vent my frustrations here! My husband had to get an early flight, not unusual and I usually go straight back to sleep or do not wake at all but at the minute, with new job starting etc I am a bundle of nerves!

I have tried the meditation and relaxation techniques that I have been taught but they are not working. Any tips on relaxing and getting to sleep anyone? I think since my abi, I could do with about 10 hrs sleep per night if I got the chance!

I took my daughter to the gym yesterday, so did exercise, did not eat or drink too late, no caffeine

All tips welcome x

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I find listing to relaxing music / meditation before I go to sleep helps me, and I don't usually wake up in the middle of the night either, I usually go from 10pm to 6am and have a great sleep.

Lisa85 xx



Well, the few things that I know about sleep hygiene ( you have mentioned a couple about exercise and not eating too late etc ) would include NOT using computer/tablet/phone in the hour or so before bed ( think it should also include TV - but I am guilty of that for sure ) . Make sure bedroom is cool, tidy ( mine isn;t !) , I sometimes use yoga relaxation cd and always have small cup of hot choccie.....

5 am is annoying time - but not unusually so as it is summertime .... have you got blackout blinds ? And for me these days I normally sleep with earplugs and sometimes dark eye mask .... worth a go ?

I had a very busy weekend last weekend and ended up extremely cranky ( I'm nearly 50 so should be able to manage myself better ) throwing a paddy out in London. Some of this was lack of sleep related and last couple of nights have slept 9pm to 7am. - Know what you mean about 10 hours being normal......

I think having sometthing like new job on your mind will obviously have an effect too. I try to write thoughts down ( and lists) so I know they will be there to see tomorrow.

Good luck !! x


This always got me to sleep through all those hideous headaches


EDIT: Also what moo196 said about blackout blinds, they're amazing!

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I have blackout blinds and curtains, and I sleep with the window open on the latch. I could sleep for 12 hours a day or more givn the chance, but I'm usually up between 6am and 7 am and in bed around 9:30.

Since it's the school holidays I have been going to bed later and getting up later! I'm probably going to struggle when we go back!


I too sleep badly but the one thing which I've found helpful when waking early is an eye mask. There's something comforting about shutting out all traces of light, and sleep becomes kind of 'official'.

When in hospital though, it used to freak out one particular nurse as my mask has large tiger eyes ! :o


All of the above, plus don't get too anxious about the occasional early morning waking, especialky when you have a lot on your mind -it is to be expected. I have been bolt upright at 3am three nights this week, just got a lot buzxing in my head. Accepting that and making allowances in the day, not trying to be too busy, or do too much, then getting back to bed nice and early the next night are all you can do. Worrying about it only gives you another factor to keep you awake!

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Thanks for all the tips, you are right

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Try Vogels Valereum from Holland and Barret. It was given to me in a homeopathic hospital recently to help me sleep and for the first time in yrs I got a good nights sleep.

Worth a try pleasant dreams zzzzzzz😌


Completely agree with all the above and especially what moo said about using the computer before bed which I'm really guilty of especially my phone. This can hinder me going to sleep but usually I get through it. Good sleep routine has helped me but doesn't allways work, if I'm thinking about something it can win.


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