Acknowledgement and more at last, phew !!!

Easter 1970 (10 years old) lost shoe crossing road, hit headfirst 40mph by Ford Corsair whilst picking up shoe. Brought back to life a few times then in a coma 5 daze, family told it was a miracle. Left hospital and parents given bit of paper that said 'No neurological defecit' Life was uncomfortable/frustrating and became bit of a nightmare, to say the least. Teenage years were traumatic, lots of mental health issues with no-one to talk to (as there was nothing wrong with me, no neurological deficit) Aaaarrrrgggghhhh..........

1996 finally got brain scan, Atrophy Right Frontal Lobe...put on Incapacity Benefit....regularly hassled as rates chopped and changed...

2013 put on ESA and sent back to Jobcentre. Couldn't understand what was happening and freaked out. Got in touch with CAB and appealed ESA decision, won it very quickly, then discovered been on wrong benefits since October 2002 when I came out of mental hospital (total breakdown attempted suicide) CAB helped me apply for PiP in June then I got Atos assessment for the PiP in August, within a fortnight I got my result... I WON.....Ime still in shock, I Finally have agknowledgement of my Brain Damage and it feels like 45 years of frustration and heaviness have been lifted from me, This has transformed my Existence in many ways. I also have lifelong physical probs which didn't score enough points for the mobility component but Ime not bothered about that, MY Mental health is MY more important concern, Thank goodness for the wonderful understanding and hardworking staff across the country in The CAB. There IS Hope out there, I thought I was doomed, Blessings also to Headways. Ime a member of Headways Highlands ( Scotland ) Rod :-)

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  • Jesus wept, that's one long road and one hard fought battle. Well done for getting through your own personal hell and coming out the other side! You're in the right place now at least. Welcome along, vent, rant or just have a chat with like minded souls.

    Keep on keeping on, best wishes,


  • Such good news. Literally some peace of mind at last x

  • Battling to get benefits when you are completely entitled is hard for anyone, let alone for those with a brain injury. Good for you for persevering and for making them acknowledge your needs. I hope this will make life a bit easier and you can plan a happy future. Better late than never, eh? All the best to you

  • So glad you eventually got some help, and that life is so much better for you. Your story will surely give encouragement to others out there. Very best wishes to you x

  • God that's a long way to go through things, I hope you get some more progress soon xx

  • It's a testament to you Rod how you have come through all these difficulties and got the help and recognition in the end you deserved so long ago. This site is a breath of fresh air to understand and vent.

  • Such good news . I'm really glad for you :)

  • Many congratulations of persevering through the years,FINALLY getting recognition and overcoming the benefits barriers. Thank goodness for CAB and Headway (and other charities) doing what the Government should be doing for those with disabilities and long term health conditions.

  • Wow- I thought I had it bad-nothing compared to what you have been through or had to contend with.

    Well done for hanging on in there.

    You have inspired me to keep my positive hat on😄!

  • How my story mirror's yours is uncanny. Only difference is that its only in the last couple of years I've started to think my problems could be to do with my head injury.

    I was 7yrs old in 1972 and late for school, dived out the house in a panic without my mum and ran straight in front of a car coming along the road. Fractured skull, broken bones and 'died' in hospital, 2 days in ICU after being resussitated and a week on children's ward, Sent home, similary my parents were told like your's'no long term problems'. However my co-ordination always been pretty bad, hopeless at any sport, mental breakdown by the time I was 14 and continued mental health problems in my twenties. I've struggled with every single job apart from when I was a carer or cleaner I've ever had, either left before I've got sacked or colleagues have covered for my mistakes, been sacked 2 times.

    My friend summed it up a bit when she said its like a kind of mental dyslexia. Luckily my partner, now husband has earned enough to keep us going, but my confidence is always rock bottom. Never been tested like you or tried to claim anything. Just didn't think I would be eligible.

    But in the last 10 years a hard lump has appeared right where my skull was fractured, some people have pointed it out, so its not just me that noticed it. After research on the net I've discovered this is due to an overgrowth of bone from a heavy blow to the area in question. So it can only be that injury that caused it.

    Congrats on your sucessful appeal, I can totally relate to your struggle. Do you think I should try and get checked out for all these problems?

  • Barneyspal99, you must get checked out, uncanny indeed, we could have near enough written each others post, eh :-) Have you been to any Headways get togethers ? What does your Doc. think ? I was telling my family Doc's since Teens, I know the technology wasn't available but thought the info and behaviours i was describing ( and with them knowing what had happened to me ) was enough for further investigation, but nothing. The CAB have been the people to finally get proper help with DWP etc, They are wonderful... If you have a local CAB office they should have a 'Mindful' team, mine is brilliant. I'm sorry but I'm not on the computer too often but I check this site when I remember to. Also apologies for the delay in replying but my Mum passed away this week and am mentally struggling a bit. I hope this has been helpful and remember You are Not alone, :-) :-) :-) Rod

  • Sorry I meant to say a huge Thanks to all who replied, brought a tear to mine eyes ( tears are a rare thing to me ) :-) :-) :-)

  • barneyspal99 and now its happened to your brother in law and you said you were new to the forum!!!

  • rod did you get 45years of benefits as well ? total lunacy

  • Haha no way Steve55, I have now Won my PiP though ( without the Citizens Advice Bureau i couldnt have dealt with the process and it would never have happened ) and that has transformed my Existence. Also got new hip (a congenital dislocation) last Tues morning, am now recovering at a friends. Everything about my hospital experience was first class, Our NHS at its Wonderful best. Thanks to my whole Team at Raigmore Hospital Inverness, Scotland. :-) :-) :-) This year will mostly be recovery with Hopefully less stress and at least there's one part of ME that's gonna be pain free ( new right hip ) A concept I have to say is totally alien to me but here goes :-) :-) :-)

    Hey Barneyspal99 How's goes things with you ? I haven't been on this for ages and forgot how to get back into it, so thanks to steve55 for commenting which alerted me and took me straight back to our original converse, phew, hehe

    Oooerrr it's dinnertime, Ime being well looked after, true and understanding friends are Wonderful :-) :-) :-)

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