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The green man has been slayed tonight. The white queen is on her throne. Winter is here.

Every time I drink alcohol I get fatigue. Might be the next day, might be two days later. Might last an evening, might last three days. Is it causation? Is it even correlation?

So I'll try November without booze. Brewdog Nanny State will do instead. Maybe I can work out how much of a link there is. Wish me luck.

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Brilliant photo Jonathan. Hope you manage to stick with the Brewdog for a month at least ; should be a worthwile experiment.

I had ONE Jack Daniels last night at a birthday dinner resulting in sleepless night/headache/fatigue..........

Good luck. x

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What about a glass of wine etc at home? I’m hyper sensitive to booze now, being knocked sideways by a slice of cake now!

But for your self could it be the event? It takes me days to recover from say parties and that’s booze free, it’s just the noise the dealing with darkness/balance and so on.


Good question and it's the sort of query I'm wanting to find out. If my head is good for the whole month then I know it's all down to the booze and all I need to do is never booze again and I'm fine. If that's not the case then there's more going on.


jriddell you didnt wake up with kebab all down you thats what it is!!!!!

no seriously, depends on the meds youre on.

im a forces veteran, which was basically a drinking club and i remained that way until my stroke 51/2 yrs ago, i still drink on a daily basis but a couple of cans a day.

it sounds to me as if you do really drink anymore, however, the question you need to ask yourself, " is the fatigue due to the alcohol or am i over doing it and not getting enough rest " guide lines sate if you work hard in the morning then you relax until the following afternoon etc.


It is a documented fact in brain injury info that with a brain injury the effects of alcohol are multiplied from the effect it would have had on you before your bi. Often therefore it is advised to avoid alcohol or only have occasionally and in moderation. Its trial and error I guess to see how much you can now drink as even without a bi everyone's tolerance is different and also depends e.g whether you have eaten and had alcohol with a meal or not.


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