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I have a week off at the end of the month and have plan to spend a few days visiting my cousins in Derby but I think I am going to be shattered getting there (4 hour coach journey and change at Birmingham) I was shattered when I took the coach to Coventry but I did do it in 1 day which mean spending 8 hours on a coach there and back ... and I dont know if I get bored when my cousins are at work to spend a day in Nottingham and maybe popping in to Headway HQ and saying hi ... idk if thats allowed ..

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  • I've went to edale very hilly

  • wheres that ?

  • Derbys

  • oooooh okay Ive never been Ive only been as far up Coventry I would like to go to Newcastle, (idk if Belfast counts) Ive been to more places down south like Swansea, Cardiff, Southhampton, , Poole, Dawlish, Exeter, Cornwall

  • Nice one Bex, you appear to have stuck to the South West (and why not) - I would like to suggest that you invest - because it IS an investment, in a Disabled Railcard - getting the train is a lot quicker than the coach and it is less stressful (for some reason - which I haven't got to the bottom of, but it is) - I have travelled far and wide using mine and If, like me, you resent spending money and lining the pockets of National Rail, just because you are disabled, bear in mind the initial kerchings spent on the card are made back in the first few journeys. btw, Belfast is NOT the same as Newcastle - Newcastle is far prettier and less grief to get to - for a start you don't need to get a plane or ferry. My brother lives just outside Newcastle (Morpeth) - next time I go and visit him I'll ask him about the local hostelries etc, because the last time I was there was 5 years ago and the place has changed.

    Take it easy Bex

  • Hi, I am not classed as disabled so I couldn't get the railcard, the plane to Belfast is cheaper (£50 return) with easy jet and the coach is cheaper to derby with national express (£40 return) compared to the train (over £100 return) and I was born in Bristol and love the city but every now and then I need a break away to clear my mind and plan on maybe retiring to Devon (but that's 50 off years off yet)

  • Fair 'nuff that makes sense

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