Poor concentration/memory and employment

I suffer from poor concentration/attention, word finding and memory problems following ABI, aged 10. I'm now 36, and have had about 10 different jobs, leaving each one when the concentration and memory required got too much! Are there any employment coaches for people with ABI, as career coaches have told me, my education/experience show working in Finance is best for me. However, I was just sacked from a Finance job due to poor concentration and I'm concerned now that when I get my next job, all will be fine at the beginning, and then I'll find the concentration too difficult and be asked to leave. So, can anyone recommend a careers coach that deals with people suffering ABI and/or a job that caters for people with poor concentration and attention?

I hope this makes sense.


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  • Hi there

    Sorry to hear of your continuing struggles. Have you tried an occupational therapist at all - maybe your GP or Headway could recommend one? There are various neuro rehab centres that focus on helping people to return to work - but the only centres that I know of are private so it depends on your situation.

    I am sure that sacking you due to poor concentration contravenes the Equalities Act 2010 as your employer should have made reasonable adjustments for your disability. However fighting such a decision can be very stressful - again maybe Headway can advise you as to whether you have been unfairly dismissed.

    I am not sure any of this is helpful but I do hope that you find an understanding employer soon that will make allowances for the poor concentration and allow you to work at the required pace and to walk away when your concentration is struggling. There are employers out there that will make exceptions and provide the required support but it can take a while to find them.

    Stay positive and keep searching x

  • I know the feeling I had mine 4 years ago same symptoms as you I have a part time job trying to make work understand is difficult even though I collapsed at present work had my brain haemorrage at work loads of blood out of my nose and ears they saw me called family and ambulance still cannot understand my brain damage and trying to get another job it's difficult wording concentration and memory loss I had help but long time getting it over 2 years getting help I need help aswell no one will help now even gp

  • I haven't got as far as actually getting a job. This week is my 2nd anniversary since my injury. For the last year I have been wondering what job I am capable of doing that will can accept the randomness of our injuries but also pay enough to support a family.

  • Hi so span I presume your in the UK ! Have you asked the job centre if they can give you any help in finding the right kind of job that you can do with regards to your injuries they may have a disabilities officer who would better understand your needs good luck with your job search please let me know how you get on

  • Yes, contacted the job centre and also the regional office in Cardiff. Because i am the ESA support group they more or less said they role is to help when i find a job. They wont help to get you

    Since i used to be selfemployed there is no job to go back to and I cant do my old job. When you look at self employment there are no funds for capital or for transition payments while a business takes off.

  • Hi!

    It is very difficult to stay in employment after a brain injury. You need an employer who is understanding but sadly, these days organisations are so driven by finance/targets that the personnel issues become very secondary and sadly the reality is that people are a dispensable commodity. It grieves me to say this and despite employment legislation; there is a trend for employers to 'manage out' employees with long term health issues. Most of the charities e.g Headway, Nerosupport may be able to signpost you to the type of help you are seeking. Good luck.

  • Regarding poor memory and concentration. Firstly you sound like you are doing really well to be back in the job market. That's an achievement! Secondly my own experience of improving memory and concentration is based in micro nutrition and cognitive exercises. If you haven't already then it's worth checking your diet for the following and maybe having supplements for a year; omegas [flax seed and avocadoes], fish obviously! , zinc, ginkgo biloba, maybe ginseng, plenty of aminoes [you can be 'liquid aminoes' to add as a seasoning, and many more I am sure. I also used an online game at lumosity.com and I have massively improved my concentration. I used acupuncture fortnightly and daily tai chi/chi gung type exercises. Tai Chi was particularly good at 'reconnecting' . Good luck .

  • Hi, I follow the same approach as well as the Omega's, I take extra Zinc and vitamin B's. A healthy diet also helps - no coffee, alcohol, remove as much processed foods as possible and replace them with home cooked food and plenty of veg.

    I also have the Lumosity membership which is part of my daily routine

  • Wow! Great to meet someone else on the nutritional wavelength! I did the candida diet and then masses of detoxing including colonics

  • Oh yes, it makes sense all right! :-)

    Try and get a referral to an adult ADHD clinic or specialist. Many of the symptoms are the same (an adult needs to meet 5 of the 9 Inattention criteria to be diagnosed as ADHD - I meet all 9!). According to the specialist I saw last month, some of the treatments, including drugs, seem to work on people with brain injuries.

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