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Benefits and entitlement

The thing I find frustrating in any application is that they expect me in my condition with a very severe/significant diffuse axonal closed TBI, to have a doctorate in medicine and neurology to define my disabilities and molecular Biology of Brain Injury when they themselves have to ask me as they do not comprehend themselves, as they have to ask and would not understand a professional response. They think my wheelchair is my relief for my laziness. I do not understand why their ignorance is used to define me and others?

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Hi Pad,

One of the things I find frustrating is with my ESA. They could pay me £100 every 2 weeks "BY LAW" into my bank account. And if my savings were to reach £6000 they would then take £1 away from what they pay me. So I would end up getting £99 every 2 weeks then. This would happen until my savings reached £6200 and then they would take away another £1. That's £98 now. And every £200 in my savings, another £1 comes off. But what if I decided to save and save my money while they are taking pounds away, then I'll end up with nothing coming in at all.



Hi Matt,

I believe the law states that you are entitled to have the basic rate to live. Therefore the reduction is legal if you have other monies to support yourself.

Regarding savings reducing your ESA again complies with the legal structure in Britain, I have no savings and only just get by, and savings do not have to be kept in any bank or building society. The option to use a safety fire proof box is one way maintain your state benefits. This not advise and only a suggestion as there is more than one way to skin a rabbit.

Since 2002 I have struggled as my life is worthless as my state benefits reflects what I am not entitled to enjoy living.

I see on here fiscal matters are a concern to many, I am frustrated as those advisor's have no idea what it is to have a TBI.

I would like to be able to resolve this for all, sadly I am unable


Matt the benefit being paid is entitlement because you are unable to work and it is money for you to live on....and lets face it its not a lot to live on so I doubt they expect anyone will be saving all their benefit and building up thousands of pounds

The savings threshold applies across the board to all means tested benefits, including housing benefit and is also law.


Padmeister it is frustrating but you are only expected to provide basic information about what medical conditions you have (ie: - the names of what ails you, not details of what they are - they have doctors for that) any treatments you have or medication you take for them, and how your conditions/disability affects you on a daily basis. You are not expected to know what part of the brain or what damage to the brain has caused these only that since your TBI you have difficulty with x, y and z ... for anything else they have medical reports or can contact your doctor.


Iforget, I cannot define the total defect my tbi has left me with. I bought my mri disc (£10.00) and although my PIP was granted without and complications one would have to be a, Radiologists who are medical doctors who can read mri, ct and x-ray images. I have no need to discuss my tbi as it is defined by these machines and in order to use this you must have least have a Doctorate in medicine. and those who have do not ask stupid questions and those who don't have a Doctorate cannot doubt my condition.


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