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Hi from me

Hi everybody, I have joined this forum because after a TBI in November 2015 I have been shocked at the level of care offered to a human treated in health care in the UK, as I'm classed as high functioning.

I have been told there's worse out there.I'm appalled as I was left with virtually no teeth ,a ripped eye muscle which made my eye droop and double vision and a broken neck( which to be fair to the professionals nobody noticed the eight month point) so I was lucky I I didn't kill my self till it fused in the wrong position so I am truly thankful that all I was left with pain mobility issues and was glad that they didn't bother then or till now; in fact with anymore the five hours physio in two years!

However I could have given need correct pain killers! Or been sent to pain clinic: as the cocodemol prescription hasn't touched the sides lol .

so hearing other people in the same predicament ...... weirdly makes me feel better, unfortunately I guess that's the diffuse brain damage or the executive dysfunction , I don't know but hi lol I would be good if I could have any suggestions to go about accessing the best healthcare or good things I can do out there..... cheers

P.s I know the above makes me seem a misery...not true.

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Hi archer and welcome to the bi club.

Don't you just love labels?????

High functioning. Now there's a label and then some. That one takes the biscuit, cream and all the tea in China.

Expressions like adding insult to injury or rubbing salt into an open wound come to mind.

As a newbie have you had a chat with the headway helpline or downloaded the leaflets?.

Got to go now.



Maybe the health care think your high functioning because their bit confused with EXECUTIVE Dysfunction lol

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