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I found headway last week as someone posted about it in the different strokes group. Really wish it had been signposted five years ago. My CVA and subsequent clot was caused by a minor head injury tearing an artery in my neck, Andrew Marr style. I have a hole in my brain stem the size of a malteser. I am very lucky to be alive, a milimeter to the left and my respiratory centre would have been blown out instantly.

I am off on a very rare night out soon but having commented earlier thought it was time I introduced myself.

Looking forward to getting to know you all. X

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Hi welcome from me a non b.i er! my hubby has b,i


Hi miss dizzy and welcome to the forum.

Enjoy the night out.




Hi Miss Dizzy,

Welcome aboard, hope to read more inputs from you. They can be sort of random on here, even with topic headings. Then again thats what makes this forum more interesting.

Once again welcome aboard.


Hello and welcome to the forum Miss Dizzy.................from Cat xx


Hi welcome


Hello Miss D! Welcome to the site. Pull up a chair, have a cup of tea and cake. Make yourself at home really. You'll soon feel like a fixture here.



Welcome, I hope you enjoyed your night out x




Hi Dizzy,

Nice to meet you.

I have been through a heck of a lot but to cut it short I was diagnosed in 1996 with 1 brain tumour located on my brain stem which was also causing hydrocephalus so I also have a shunt.

I still have the shunt because the tumour could not be completely removed.

I was also diagnosed with a second brain tumour in 98.

I too wish I heard about Headway ages ago like... when I came out of hospital. I carried on with life like normal, most of the time, up until 2007! That is when I knew of Headway. 11 years after BI and I finally hear about Headway! *shakes head in disgust*

The thing is, GPs, doctors, nurses. They should be telling brain injured people to go to support groups such as Headway after BI but they fail miserably to do this. I think doctors should be trained better.

Neurologists are great and everything but they do not have as much knowledge of the brain and what it does to a person after it has been injured where Headway do.

Headway have been brilliant support for me and many others :).

Welcome aboard. I'm sure you will find this place of great help :).



Hello everyone,was a good night out thanks. Overpriced food in zizzi but a great catch up with friends and that's what counts.

I was pointed to different strokes who are great but somehow this group feels like a better fit and with atypical stroke symptoms caused by an accident it just all seems more relavent to me. Rightly or wrongly. I remember my stroke being described as an insult rather than in injury but I guess it's all the same in the end. :)


Welcome to out wounds full group, may you have lots of fun here.

Lisa85 xxx


Hi Miss Dizzy,

Welcome to the group. I have been around on and off for the past 4 years or so. I have seen many members come and go....Its like a family and you miss them when they're gone 😩. But it's lovely to welcome new members..... 😃

We can be around daily just reading all the posts which is nice!!! And then again we can be around reading and giving our input/knowledge/thoughts etc.....

on the topics posted.

Ask any question because there is always a member of our B.I. family willing

to help.....

Take care

Joanne 👍



more words needed


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