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I came across a video online and although the 'Headway Foundation' made the video (they might not be linked to Headway in the UK). Still, the video has a very good message for anyone that feels challenged, recovering or has had a significant change in circumstances.

It's a story about 'resilience'. Although we might not necessarily return to what once was, the message here is about: staying with it (not giving up), being disciplined (consistent), patient (things take time) and tough (resilience).

Easier said than done, I know!

I hope that you can find encouragement in the message here, especially on those days when you might feel disheartened, fatigued or frustrated.

Keep going :)

I am not sure if we can share links on this forum? If not, search 'headway foundation - new tough'. It's the ice hockey video about concussion.

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