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New resource for brain injury

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Hi all, I suffered from a brain injury over six years ago and it has been quite a journey! Over the last couple of years I have spent a lot of time researching brain injury and specifically some of the aspects of life post injury that are so hard to explain to others. I have applied my learning to my own experience and put together some information to help others to understand why we have some of the symptoms we do and what you can do to help your recovery. The info can be found here

Many thanks,


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Hi Neil,

Will work my way through the pages and leave a comment when finished.

In advance thank you for taking the time and effort to do this, I look forward to

reading.... Take care 😃

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neilhapgood in reply to

thanks hannah, really hope its of interest to you, all the best, neil

Hi Neil, thanks for sharing this. I will read, may take a long time.K

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neilhapgood in reply to aqua4

thanks aqua4 i hope it will be worth your time however long it takes you!

Hi Neil

I have read your article and very interesting in what was said and its like reading about yourself in a lot of it.

I'm just over 2 years post brain and still learning a lot about the new me and still thinking I can go back to the old me but know its not possible even when you have those really good days.

When I'm at work I just walk off and go to find somewhere quiet as it can become quite overwhelming with lots of people about and noise but like you say its hard to explain to others.

Its a true insight in what can be expected even though everybody has their own level of coping and its something that is never told to you when in the hospital or even after.

In fact my experience and I'm sure others as well nothing was told to me when discharged it was my lovely outpatient Dr who was not actually my surgeon who explained many things as best as he could and now my neurologist I see is good in explaining things and not flippant like some of the DR's are .

I also try to read different articles which interest me about the brain which is the most complex part of the human body as you know and my god it plays some weird tricks on you and I suppose its a thing we never noticed pre op but well aware of what it doe's and can do now and it's bloody scarey at times.

OOps just read back what I've written and it looks like I've not stopped for air with commas and full stops!

Rgds Mandy:) :)

hi mandy, many thanks for the reply, really glad to hear you could relate to the things i wrote about. I certainly know what you mean about it being 'bloody scary' at times! thanks again for taking the time to give me some feedback

Hi, I found your article very insightful and not to disimilar from my experiences,

i had a brain haemorrhage over 9 years ago and still today compare the me before my brain injury to the present me, such as would I have done things differently, kind of a parallel life thing "would make for an interesting story!!!!!!

Think its important to focuss on the now! And be posative about the future xxx

Welcome aboard the forum. We all know how hard it is to explain the changes that can take place post a BI and how long and arduous the journey can be. Will look at your site properly when I have some time and silence.

Neil, I read through your posts a couple of days ago, and meant to comment, but then had an unusually busy spell at work.

Excellent work. (Yours, not mine, mine was a couple of days running from one end of a sprawling school site to the other, first-aiding kids with likely heat exhaustion, followed by yesterday, THE longest day of the school year, the Year 11 prom, started at 8am, got home just after midnight.)

I think that there is a lot of work to be done on the communication around brain injury, I'm currently awaiting a response from my health authority about my concerns around the way information was relayed to myself, and family about the aneurysm that ruptured on my Anterior Communicating Artery roughly five months ago.

I'll keep checking in on your site, and will also signpost other people there.

Thank you so much Neil. My husband suffered a brain injury a little over a year ago and I've been searching for something like your website. I've already started reading it and I can't wait for my husband to read it. It will encourage him very much. Thank you :)

thanks so much for taking the time to let me know, I really appreciate it. All the best for the recovery process moving forward

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