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to all my family here and helpline angels

I just want to say that the posts and my last one . have made my heart feel warm .

my replies for my post are like my mum would say to me. that's how much I feel .

beautiful infact its made me go the most nicest tired . we get I mean when I get my flat

ill be able to just stay on site basically a lot more everyday .and try to help more fellow

sufferers .that's all I want and whats better than that we all no .that when fellow sufferers

reply to you its what we need and makes us feel special .and the thing is we only no each other on site. but all feel like we are family inside special that's what we are we all no in are hearts we have each other . no matter what time we can go on are site.and no

that there's a lovely sufferer will be there for us . I feel better than yesterday .

thanks to everyone here.made me feel loved understood . a good human being I have loads of family everone here hug and thanks so much to all eddie

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😻 xx


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