back to square one

I posted before that I couldn't find anything to do but had joined a gym to learn to run again which was hard with balance problems but was making progress I also started helping to teach a group of oap's carpentry because that was my job but since having a big fit the gym are reluctant to let me in and the group are worried without supervision so much for finding something to do

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  • Sorry to hear you have had a setback. Did they know about your seizures beforehand?

    Seizures can be scary for anyone witnessing them (no fun for the person having them either of course) especially if it is for the first time and more so if they had no idea this could happen.

    I can understand the gym (and the group organisers) may need to perform a risk assessment but to not let you in at all might be taking things a bit far. Perhaps a conversation about the how, why, when issues might help to find a balance.... and if not, do not give up, there will be something out there for you.

  • hi iforget thank you for your reply I've been epileptic for 11 years but have been seizure free for 2 years I did tell the group just in case this was a bad seizure cluster which went into status so I wouldn't want anyone to witness one of these I've now lost all of my confidence hence back to square one

  • I have done the one step forward three steps back dance more times than I care to admit... all we can do is dust ourselves off and try again... All the stuff we have been through we are strong... we just have to keep on getting up and giving it a go...

    I hope your confidence returns in spades and soonest. Hang in there.... your time will come.

  • Hi clarry I still have ballance issues and attend a ballance class once a week people are assessed for suitability and needs aims. Not sure what area your in these classes are in the Burnley and Pendle area of Lancashire. I will get contact details tomorrow and post on here, if they are not what you are looking for they may be able to point you in the right direction, good luck with the running this something I'm working towards.

  • that sounds good my consultant is looking in to phisio

  • Like yourself I am stuck for things to do.

    I am very good at most building skills but wouldn't pass a risk assessment to work on a professional site or even be responsible for other people while teaching.

    I have tried all sorts of people to find work job centre disability adviser, careers service, Remploy, Shaw Trust and firms that specialise in retraining people after redundancy or career change but no one could suggest anything suitable.

    I agree it is so frustrating when you potential have a lot to offer but can't find an outlet

  • thanks for your reply I now know the answer to my pipe dream I've had since leaving hospital in 2006 which was to return back to work what do you do all day?

  • It a mixtures of housework and potter around doing some DIY - the last few weeks I have cast a flight of concrete steps, built some walls got some drains to put in this week and some plastering and then I can fabricate the kitchen I have promised to make since before my injury.

    Part of the problem for me is measuring and my sense of plumb and vertical is now way off - when I look at the steps I cast, they slope to the left but are spot on.

  • yes I have the same problem is this how you chat on here?

  • Yep or some people send private messages.

    Quite often the chats are interesting to other members as they get ideas or can follow someone else's experience / knowledge

  • I built a bookcase with my son I've still got all of my kit can't bring myself to sell it I had bought a dove tail jig just before my op so i'm going to try and build a display cabinet as long as I take my time which is hard I should be able to do it

  • Haven't made a dovetail joint in years ... quite a leap in skill level.

    I mainly use pocket screws, biscuits, rebate joints or hopefully in a few weeks be able to splash out on some Festool domino kit which should be something interesting to try

    Last summer, I cleared out a huge amount of kit nearly 100 items. I had 6 routers, 4 mains SDS drills of varying weights. Still got about another 50+ items to move on. I didn't know I had so much .....

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