One weight lifted

Hi all my partner had his assessment today, he came back and openly told me about it. Usually I have to ask if how any appointment has gone. Although he was mentally tired he wanted to tell me how it had gone, which was a good sign. He had lots of different tests, remembering things, acknowledging pictures etc. His assessor said that she is setting up a packaging of care for him. She also mentioned a group that meet at the unit, and he got to meet some of them while he was there. I said to him this is all positive, and because he's never had any help he needs to grab everything offered to him. He said that he wants to and that the unit said any groups that offer activities will help motivation.

This is a weight taken off my shoulders, for seven years its been a struggle to be everything needed to help him. Now being in the system he can get a better support. I can then focus on myself for a change.

I hope you are all well today :-) :-)

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  • Hurray... nice to know there is help there. It's just getting it that's the problem.


  • Hi Jan its taken a long enough, I do feel like I've got battle fatigue not just from battling for myself but for my partner. I just hope I can have a little peace now.

    How are you today hun x

  • This is fantastic news for both of u ❤️ so pleased for u both xxx

  • Hi Flower its one of the weights off my shoulders, I can focus on myself. How are you doing xx

  • I'm so pleased for u ❤️ im doing great,talking more n trying to take things less personally lol xxx

  • I'm glad to hear it, it is a case of knowing how to read our partners body language, knowing when we have to step in because of frustration or something being done wrong. But making sure that you make a place where you go if he is in an angry mood. Your doing really well you know the signs and your talking. You also have us if something upsets you, and its a natural reaction to have your coping with a lot. But you'll both get there xx

  • .........................all in all, a good day then ?? :D xxx

  • Yes Cat he came home exhausted but then eventually sat down and told me all about the different tests. They will be sending a report to PIP and also working out a care plan. Its been seven long years that I've waited to get some help for him, he's had nine years of it though so its a relief for him. I think because no one helped him he thought he'd just got to live with it. But had to you cope after being knocked down by a car and nearly died, then within a year have your house broken into and 3 men set on him and hit him in the face with a metal tool box. For the nhs to have done nothing is criminal.

    But I'm hoping one of the weights on my shoulders can be lifted.

    How are you hun, how is your leg xx

  • Well done to you both xx

  • Thank you xx everyone has sent such lovely messages :-)

  • Great news, onwards and upwards! Best wishes. xx

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