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back from thailand

just got back from the land of smiles so hello to everyone old and new,

my health improved while I was away so now I am back we will se what will happen to my health while I am in England as some of you will know that while I am in England my health deteriates and it is not just me I talk to many people from all over the world ,

and I ask them all what brings them to Thailand , a large amount of replies is their health which improves while they are there ,the last one was john from Austria who the same as me had many health problems the same as me we cannot live in our own countries because of the weather , one interesting thing I was told about a man from Finland the government pays his benefits so he can live in Thailand because it is cheaper than him living in Finland the cost to the health service was a lot higher to care for him.

we should have this here, my problems started from a vaccination on the NHS for which I have not had any compensation ,my vaccination support group is working hard to get me and others a payment ,but the government is not wanting to pay up , if you are under 21 you get compensation over 21 nothing what the difference is I do not know why a age limit ????????????????? ,vaccination damage is the same no matter what age you get it, see you all soon NOT FORGOT YOU CAT, LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU ALL XXXXX.

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Wow that's great is heard about climate etc making a difference but not that much. I agree with you on compensation and the Finland system...surely if it saves money overall it's got to be better all around. Similarly my parents have a property in south Spain and many people retire there for similar reasons particularly those with chest/breathing issues again due to the 'healthy climate!


Hi Geoff I didn't realise that's where you where but was worried you hadn't been in a while and was missing you on here. Nice to see you back and feeling healthier.Glad you had a good time there :-)



Hi Karen,

I thought Geoff went under the name of Sporan ? Or have I missed that he has changed names ? x


Just thought to check profiles - still down as Sporan. I've been a bit worried too.

Geoff, if you are looking in ,hope you are okay, you have been missed : ) x


Yeah that's like me to get it wrong lol.Thanks for telling me though.Yes I've noticed Geoff has been missing a while hope hes ok



Hi Spartan,

Welcome back to the land of confusion ! ( Excuse us getting it wrong )

Sounds like you had a great stay : )


yup welcome back,glad you had a good time,heres hoping youre health stays on the up and up x


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