Lyme disease

Hi bin along time since I was on ear last .I've ad what u call the burning brain 4 six yrs .I nearly died coz no dotor new what I ad.i ad mini brake down.iv at lot of harthak in my life so I fault I brought burning brain on worrying finking .wats rong with me .in end after I layed like I was dieing.i looked up burning brain. Dotor gave me tablets 4 it .make u lol.if I dint look up burning brain I fink i wood b dead bye now .any way it went after 6yrs of he'll.but it's bk .but this time it's like I've bin stung I can fill the sting poisoning me in side my head .this how it started husband suffa with clusterheadkes. He ad it 3 yrs ago once wen he was young .but it's come bk .He's bin in so much pain crying .he takes injections to kill pain .it will go .but with ering about head pain .it's brought mine bk .I fink i mite of bin bit bye a tick now .a lot of u on er said I mite av Lyme disease.ive ad it since I was 39 I'm now 44 .I've got a constant sting Sensation in my moves across my side face .just brought a baby dog .since then I can fill stingy in brain.i toke her get checked out case she at fleas. Or tuck.but they said she's fine .I'm really getting scread. Got lot presure to .it's like I can fill it growing .even if I take pain killers it dosnt ease it .bk to doctors again Monday I'm gonna get tested .I live in a mobile home and my bk garden I got grass mats .trees over the wall .silly me I layed on the fake grass mats and the ants bugs is climbing over me.y dint I lay on them mats full of insects.ive got so much hair and long .so.i fink I've bin bit it makes there anyone that bin bit bye a tick can u tell me how u fill and is it same symptoms .God I just hope I ant left it to long .if I have got it I'm gonna have my doctors. They put me on antidepressants mess me up .come of them I ended up in mentle hospital were I couldn't cope. But I'm glad I did coz they got my medication right .but it bk 7yrs I've ad it .I say to my husband I will die of this I no I will .if I don't get help .Can u get tested and is there medication for it .any way hope u can read my spellings as I'm not good Scholar. Kind regards candy field

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  • Thank u .dotors Monday . Shame I dint no about tick bites .it sounds just like that .I can still fill the sting poisoning me .mine in head .no rash .but reading as helped thanku. Xxxxxx

  • pleasure

  • Sorry to hear that you are going through so much. Can you go see a GP? Or maybe a visit to the hospital? I don't know how it works in the UK because I live in the USA. I will pray for you that your pain and fears gets eleviated. You are not alone. We are here for you. xoxo

  • see in dotor 2m .I'm sick of filling my head burning stinging . Migraines .now my body tensing up .I said 3yrs ago it fills like inside my head Gos did go away 4 5moths out 6half yrs of it .lay on my head it aches.i just hope it is .coz if it ant then I no it's just the burning brain.i fill this will kill me .it's long time now .and it's speeding. It was only one side braine now it's nearly all over .Im sick coz I can't even work .coz I'm not right .I try work but inside my head hurts .I don't want to talk coz it makes it worse .thank u very much 😊

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