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hi everyone my partner was a drinker before his accident not excessive but a drinker all the same he has now started to start drinking again I have tried my best to gain control over it all taking his money and only giving him what he needs etc I feel at the end of my tether as he denies it when he does it now I don't know if this is his short term memory or if he is doing it as he knows he is in the wrong, has anyone else had anything like this before? xxx

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Hi I'll leave a reply in morning Guy


Yes I do


Hi Kim. I wasn't much of a drinker before my BI but since the haemorrhage 5 years ago I hardly ever touch alcohol, except for ONE Jack Daniels & coke on rare social occasions. Knowing the physiological effects alcohol has on the brain, I'm nervous about possible further damage.

Maybe your partner would respond to guidance from someone other then yourself (someone less familiar and with authority). Do you think he'd agree to CBT ?

Quite often a professional can (subtly) deliver a wake up call whereas a conscientious, caring partner is seen simply as a nag. x


Good morning Kim,

I know a little about drinking as I'm an Alcoholic and I'm in my 4th year of sobriety with AA. Im afraid denial is a problem as if he is an alcoholic the first person who has to make the decision and be honest with himself is your partner. If he doesn't think hers a problem maybe ask him if he can do some controlled drinking say one or 2 pints of he drinks beer or one glass of wine...

You say he's started to dink again so did he stop or was he controlling it... Gladly help in anyway I can. Nick Xx

Have a read here it may help...https://healthunlocked.com/headway/posts/133552773/my-name-is-nick-and-im-an-alcoholic...


kimstar83 i do ive cut down considerably compared to what i used to drink before my stroke, but its my one pleasure, my meds have basically chemically castrated me.

if youre worried you could always buy cans and ration him, that way you know how much hes drinking, either way hell still get grief from the dr.

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