An announcement

An announcement

Well, stress levels are a killer for most of us and I've just upped my level by about a million percent. We've been planning it for a week or two, but as the application has now been made I can make the announcement. Touch wood, fingers crossed, I am adopting Hollie. It will be a long, intrusive process lasting a year or more, but...

I'm going to be a daddy :)

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  • Awgh that's fab news good luck xxx

  • Thank you!

  • Great news..The only stress worth having. You will be a great dad....In fact I think you probably have been for a while.


  • Well, yeah, almost five years now. She already calls me dad. Thank you

  • That's great. After all its your DAUGHTERS opinion that counts. There's on e fear she may end up as crazy as you...Here's hoping

  • Damn right! I'll work my magic on her :)

  • Fantastic news Andy, the best kind of news xxx

    Janet xxx

  • Thanks Janet! x

  • Brilliant news! Been through the adoption assessment etc myself so know very well how probing it is but the outcome is wonderful. Great that you are all wanting it to be an adoption and not just Hollie changing her surname to yours.

  • We did the surname change 3 and a half years ago, it's not enough for her though :)

    As luck would have it, I went through the adoption process many years ago in my first marriage, I'm no stranger to it...

  • fantastic! looks like you've been Dad! she clearly enjoys your company!

  • I think so and I tolerate her too :)

  • Still think it's bizarre how anyone can spawn as many children as they choose, often into questionable environments, yet good, caring, responsible folk (like your good self) have to jump through flaming hoops to officially take custody of a child they're already parenting lovingly & conscientiously.

    Considering the long and hard thinking involved in taking on responsibility of a child's wellbeing and opposed to (in many cases) 'popping' out several kids for no particular reason, surely the whole system is nonsensical ................

    You've been sorely tested for some time by that beautiful step-daughter of yours and you still choose to persevere in providing extra security for her. You know I wish you every success in the smoothest possible transition from dad. 👪 Love E. xxx

  • Do you know, mother dear, I think I love you :D

    Thanks E xx

  • 👍 xx

  • Although I don't know you, I would like to say congratulations :-)

  • Thank you, Sue! That's very kind of you. I hope our paths cross again soon :)

  • With the humour and advice you have lol I'm sure they will :-)

  • Aw, shucks :D

  • Lovely news :) many good wishes for success of your application. All the best to all of you :)

  • Thank you, I'm only doing it so I can legally batter her :)

  • Weyyyyy, that's great news mister! What a lovely post to wake up to today!

    "It must be love, love, love, nothing more, nothing less, love is the best!"...

    I'm very pleased for you all, I know it can sometimes be a roller coaster and she can test your patience but you always get there and that's what it's all about, taking the bad with the good and knowing that you won't give up!

    I'm sure that Hollie will be feeling ecstatic about it all, she will feel proud to know that it's all correct and in place, which in itself must bring that feeling of extra security to her!

    Yes I'm sure it will be a long drawn out process but it will be so worth it. Annoying that it will take so long to be sorted, after all you have been doing the job for long enough now that you would think there would be an easier way around making it all legal!

    Genuinely pleased for you all, glad I came on here today and saw your post!

    All the best for the future dad and remember......don't spend all the family allowance at once...hahaha!!! (jokes incase folk that read this and don't know we joke)!


  • There's family allowance?? I must have a word with the Baroness...


    Thanks Peachy, much appreciated!

  • .

    Pre injury we had a rather malicious case where my grandson was taken into care. It took nearly a year and £100,000 to get the case thrown out and our grandson back. In court the judge gave them a mauling and they didn't take it well and we had a horrible relationship for 7 years. In the middle of which, when I had my injury, Children's Services saw an opportunity to destabilise the arrangement.

    So glad your relationship with children's services has gone so well especially with your injury. Another thing more positive to look forward to in your life and another companion on your journey.

    All the best

  • Great news Andy.

    Love n hugs to you all.


  • Thank you! :)

  • Amazing so good to see happy news made me smile xx good luck to both

  • Thank you kindly! :D

  • Wow thats fantastic news BaronC, fantastic.

    I haven't been on here for a while (6 months) so missed all the news. Im adopted myself and had an amazing year last year in finding my birth mother - What a journey thats been absolutely wonderful.

    And how wonderful that is for Hollie Xx

    Look forwad to hearing how your getting on with the process and would love to talk to you about it.


  • Chat any time, Nick! Hollie looks for her birth mother every bloody morning, wont leave her alone :)

    Seriously, chat any time. We really are on step One at the moment, initial call made, now waiting on the adoption department to get back to me. We wont be anywhere near the top of the list however as none parent adoptions obviously take precedence. To be honest, that's fine with us as the cost is an issue and we need time to accrue the cash needed....

  • Yes I bet.

    I didn't know much about this until I found my birth mother and then had 2 new sisters one who has one child and the other none but they are now trying to adopt and are at the early stages. The cost is quite high as traveling and days off work but for them its so so worth it, hopefully they will get the result they need.

    They have done all the initial work with interviews and character assessments and now this week are in sessions with the interview panel again. They have no kids but want to adopt a child from 2-3 years old.

    Well off to work catch up later


  • As luck would have it, years ago in my first marriage I went through the training required to move on to full adoption. For step parent adoption the cost implications lie solely in my own and my wife's hands. We've been quoted about £1000 after all costs have been met...

  • Yes I know its expensive and time consuming but all worth it in the end.

  • Congratulations to all three of you. I hope it all shoots along at a great pace but even if it doesn't you all know that you all care and love each other. My daughter is going through the same process with same authority but is having problems with some of the hoops but I know that you will both get to the other side of the hoops and have lots to celebrate. Good luck and love to you x

  • Thank you muchly!

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