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Hello campers! I saw a neurosurgeon last week who knew about my case for first time last week and she explained everything about 'my' SAH and a bleed into the spine. The presence of the blood aggravated/inflamed the spine, resulting in pain, sensations that keep you up at night...a bit like restless leg syndrome but worse? The discomfort I became aware of about 6 weeks after the haemorrhage. I tried to exercise it way, saw a physio and an osteopath. The neurosurgeon said that won't work and will take 2 years to heal. She advised me to not do Pilates nor yoga. I have been doing a gentle yin yoga class for a few months, and so she said I could do that but to be very careful. I always feel very good after the yoga. And she did say that walking was good which is just as well because it's one thing I have been doing a lot of and still like to do, as well as the yoga class. She has prescribed Amitriptyline for me and so now I can stop taking the Dihydracodein painkillers. I shall drop dead a junkie at this rate!!

So my question is has anyone experienced the same as me?

I have just applied for my licence so I do hope the DVLA play fair and return it to me in due course so that then I can at least I drive again.

I also learned that my self imposed ban was for the period of 12 months because I had a craniotomy. It's 6 months when it is just a bleed, and 2 years if one has a seizure.

She also said I could drink alcohol in moderation, and I have <5% chance of seizure and I can take HRT. Any after effects I may have had after a small beer was due to an ingredient in the beer. So now I will endeavour to find a nice drink I can enjoy in due course. And if not, so be it. Cheers!!!

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Hi Magdolna and welcome.

Don't hold your breath for the DVLA. I was not prevented from driving but was put on a 1 year licence. 2 months before it was due to expire I got a letter telling me that I would have to do a driving assessment.

It was a full year later that the assessment happened and another month or so before getting my licence back fully.

Welcome to the forum.


Thanks for your reply. I have waited for so long that it will take as long as it takes but I am sure it will be returned in due course.


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