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Grateful thanks


A while ago somebody mentioned they were having problems claiming their critical care cover on their insurance and it was a lightbulb moment, as it jogged my memory that I had that. I have just been paid mine, which means I can pay off my debts and reduce my hours at work, which to be honest has been killing me. I know you all warned me, returning to work after three months of having a SAH, was too soon, but had to try as financially struggling. Whoever it was thank you very much love Alice xx

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You are very welcome xxxx thank you for keeping us updated, its good to hear that these provisions we make work out if needed. We hear all too often about the times the insurance companies try to wriggle out of their responsibilities.

I hope it continues to go well for you.

Love Janet x

Alibongo60 in reply to Kirk5w7

Thank you Janet, the insurance company were very good, I stopped paying the premiums last year due to financial difficulties, but was still covered thank goodness, I can now concentrate on getting better, never worked part time before so looking forward to it love Alice xx

Great news Alice ; hope this will at last provide a feeling of security and a better, more relaxed, quality of life. Cat xx

Alibongo60 in reply to cat3

Thanks cat, it is a big relief, I also had my pip assessment yesterday, was with a very nice OT, so will wait and see now love Alice xx