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Is there a problem with the site ?

Hi everyone. I've been having problems since 9am today getting the Reply button to operate..

...is it just me or has anyone else had difficulty ?

Apologies to all those who have left comments on my thread...I managed two replies so far which took three attempts as, when the Reply button did decide to work, the text disappeared into cyberspace ! Thankyou for your comments.....I will reply to you all as soon as it is possible......cat xx

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Yes - but thought it was me!


seems to be slow replying if it lets you reply at all, its a server issue, nothing to do with out computers


Yes, I agree. Just managed to send you a reply .....took over two hours to go through !

Wonder how long this will take...it's now 12.22am


Hi cat3,

I'm sorry to hear of the problems you've been having with the site. I have forwarded the concerns to HealthUnlocked, who run the platform, to look into.

Just to let you know, you can report technical problems straight to them with the 'Feedback' button in the menu above - it might get things fixed a little quicker.

Do let us know if the problems continue,

Best wishes,



Please do let know.


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