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It is really important that each person votes for the party they think is most able to lead the country. Noone can tell anyone else who to vote for because it is very much opinion-based. The only thing I would say is that you shouldn't vote based on one policy in isolation (eg who will do most for the disabled). You need to know what you are voting for in totality. Otherwise there is noone to blame when things don't turn out as you expect. There is a duty to look at the whole picture (or as much as we can). This includes economic and social policies as well as housing, immigration, tax etc. Its about who will do most for our society as a whole in the next 5 years. Lets face it, all the parties have their good and bad points. We just need to decide which have more good than bad.

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The trouble is some of the parties (all?) make loads of promises in their manifestos and vocally (eg Clegg and student tuition fees) but then do the opposite. So how can we trust them, HOW can we make a choice?

Maybe we must just choose (how?!) the person or people (or party?)we think isn't a liar, who has ethics, whose word (and promises) we can believe? But HOW to do that?

Look at their history, the things they've done? But that's no guarantee of future performance - and people change either my manipulation or silencing or 'free will' - if that exists, not sure what it is myself.

And people fear a 'lost' vote: scared to vote for who they really want, must vote to fit the silly system coz it isn't one person one vote = that's a lie. So it isn't a democracy then?

But anyway, just coz most vote for something does that mean it's the best and those on all the fringes don't ever get a look in? Those who shout loudest, the biggest number, those who spend the most on propaganda and persuasion = they win.

Not very fair is it? Can anyone think of better ways? More local control? People take turns at running this and that? People in Africa or Asia vote for us and OUR government coz it affects them big-time too? whole world vote for ALL world's leaders?

We get to truly get to know the PEOPLE: no masks, at any time, open to scrutiny and no PR people or TV or rules?

And if they promise something there must be a date by when must be done or OUT = FAIL? No incentive for them to keep their promises: they have ZILCH to lose. Should it become criminal to publicly promise something then default?

Abuse of trust is betrayal and that really hurts, it's deception (fraud), manifestos are often (can be) false instruments = fakery and nothing but hot air, no real substance, smoke 'n' mirrors. Come on plods: do something!

All jolly tricky but it's we who lose and they lose nothing, as though they can play with monopoly money but we must use and bet with our own - and with our lives.


Muddled, I agree with all you've said 100% and your final sentence is a gem !! xx


Thanks Cat, feeling totally RUBBISH today, you made me feel tiny bit better. Silly me: did too much yesterday now big-time payback.

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It's possibly all part of the forgetfulness ; we get going on something or other and literally forget that we have limitations. Either that or we want to keep going because it helps us to feel 'normal' for a while.

I'd tell you to remember to pace yourself but that would be hypocritical of me 'cause, like so many others here, I don't know when to stop either.

One day perhaps the penny will drop, but I won't hold my breath !

Cat xx


I think there should be a law against parties making promises that they don't, won't or can't fulfill if I did that as a business I'd get done for fraud


Knife: yes. And trading standards attempt to regulate other types of publicity, why is this type excluded and allowed free reign?


Given your previous posts muddled, this post stands out for me as the most wise thing I have read for a long time.

Whatever you are doing, keep doing it, you are doing well to think so clearly, so creatively and be able to communicate so eloquently.




RecoveringH: thank you. Very kind. But actually I'm SICK of trying to think, being MADE to.

Trub is I SOUND like I think clearly but today (and SO often) I'm actually completely scrambled. And can't remember what I wrote or said.

People keep telling ME to find 'solutions' = SICK of it. Can't or would have, sadly.

I just want/need all the external stuff/people to STOP hassling me, abusing me, TOTAL lack of compassion, SICK of lies and empty promises. SICK of fake 'support' that isn't what I need or want, not MY choice. SICK of stupid 'choices' which aren't.

I don't think I'm wise at all, I think I'm a naive gullible stupid fool. Sick of being people's entertainment and butt of 'jokes'. Sick of charities and state services doing nothing. Sick of the fakery.

Nausea? YES. BAD tum: stress and MEGA overtired.

Sick of empty words and flowery language which actually says nothing at all.

Sorry: in BAD BAD place. STILL desperate for a place I can settle, not live out of boxes, nobody meddling with my emails, contacts, PC memories = stop meddling with ME and wrecking things which mean a lot to me.

Sick of people using words/expressions I don't understand (or want/need to) like spiritual, ego, wellness, zen... all CACK. And I'm just lil old me, not split into different bits. Really struggling.

Thank you for being so encouraging but nothing I write, draw, say or do makes any difference. Pointless, I'm pointless and useless and HATE how all this is making me feel and has for SO long. NOTHING is worth this.

SICK of the 'knowing' looks. Sick of people watching me and tracking what I do. SICK of no anonymity or privacy. SICK of 'experts' doing, writing, saying ridiculous things. SICK of people sneering 'oh YOU'RE an expert?' or 'you THINK you're an expert' at stuff way outside my area of expertise = if I have one. SICK of silly conversations that I can't even do or say or think properly.

I can't (almost all of the time) think creatively at all. IF less tired, IF see a result or 2, IF...

Shame coz when feeling better (like yesterday) I feel half normal.

People keep telling me to do charity work but already I've ALREADY DONE over 9 years of that, slave labour, unpaid = for WHAT? Do those telling me to do it think I've just sat on my arse and bleated for 9 years? WHAT have they heard that they believe without even asking me for MY version?

I don't WANT to keep doing letters phone calls arguing. Sorry but I HATE doing that. Way too long. Way too exhausted.

Most of the time I CAN'T communicate let alone eloquently. Had more ideas for cartoons yesterday but all this awful stuff gets in the way and in complete MELTDOWN today, despair, can't stop crying. Need REAL love, REAL hugs and for people to be HONEST and OPEN with me, INCLUDE me.

Yes, I know sometimes people know better than me what I need but not ALL the time. And 2 years ago (before) their view of what's best for me was already VERY wrong.

Include me, discuss with me, help me how I (ME) need and want and SAY. None of this can ever be undone. Too many months (years?) in the bin. Wasted. Not MY fault, done the best I can. Not my fault if not good enough.

People hear what I say I need but choose not to, who do they think THEY are?

Sick of being excluded and treated worse than an animal.

Wasted day. Yet another. For what? Wasted life. Not MY fault.

Crave people talking to me NORMALLY. SICK of being told it's all ME: how I'm 'taking it'. Sick of being told how to behave, what to do, where to go, MUST write letters, SICK of it. Sick of being prodded poked examined interrogated and being passed on and moved on. Sick of being judged and watched all the time. Sick.

And you tried to write stuff to encourage me, I'm SO sorry, thank you. What an ungrateful bitch I am? Too demanding? But my reality is not online and I need NORMAL contact with real people who aren't playing rôles.

So sorry, I'm a failure - even if I SOUND eloquent I'm not.


Good days and bad days.... like the tides that ebb and flow - here's to plenty more good days.... :) Hope you feel better tomorrow.


RecoveringH: good and bad days? Good and bad years? Good and bad lives? All in balance? The people who have sh*t lives balanced out by those who enjoy really easy lives? That's OK then?


Might that be a delusion? After death = heaven?


Feel better about being treated unprofessionally by 'experts', abused, victimised, neglected, my knowledge and real verifiable facts being said to be 'imagined'? Would that be a good thing to do?

For whom?

There ARE some hard facts, ones which will always be fact and won't change with time. You know.


Hi Icd8,

I have to agree. The only thing is how many of them will ACTUALLY DO what they PROMISE to do?

As I've got older I tend to take a very different view as to the reality of the polititions of today. Virtually all are career polititions, religiously following the 'party line' and very few concience polititions.

Margret Thatcher, love or loathe her, actually BELIEVED in what she said and SET party lines didn't FOLLOW them.,

Tony Ben constantly faced public scorn and was often decried in the house, even by his own party, because he said EXACTLY what he thougft and EXACTLY what he truely BELIEVED in.

Enoch Powell dubbed by many as a racist and very possibly was, (racism/beliefism, is something I abhor in all it's forms) however his predictions and views on the threat immigration posed to the UK have proven to be well founded as has been proven by the amount of time spent on the issue during the recent campaigns.

With a concience politition you know and are confiden that what ever the situation they will ALWAYS do their best to do what they promise and are willing to be pilloried for their beliefs.

Rant over,


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Yes Sporan. I have ENORMOUS admiration for Tony Ben. loved the man (can I say that?) though never met him.

I think your term conscience politician is a very good one. But how many people with a conscience actually WANT to go into politics, CHOOSE that job?

And so many people excluded = even if wanted to. That includes loads of disabled people, single parents, those with caring responsibilities... = all the people who KNOW the necessary stuff = unable to (often nit always) participate or lead.

The travel, the long sittings, the paperwork, all the stuff to read. Impossible for LOADS of us.

= Do it locally more? Or on skype/online conferencing? Loads of separate little task forces?

Just when I watched them all guffawing, falling asleep and behaving like toddlers on TV (in one or other of the 'houses') I thought there must be a better way and better people! ?

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Thanks for your post. Looking at the whole picture is a luxury some with BI do not have .... YET> I vote for the people I get a good gut feeling about - those who are not afraid to disappoint to stick to what they believe in.

Many processes in politics today I do not agree with like 'party whip', selection on 'committees', endless additions to Lords, half the Lords checking in for a few minutes each day to claim their £300 expenses, MP's govern their own behaviour (lovely when they send nude pictures of their sexual organs across the internet and it is decided that as an MP, that should be his right, as if setting an example, as if reaching for the esteemed role of MP was equivalent to Joe Bloggs who doesn't give a fig about his societal conduct).

I want to vote for change in country governance without the threat of having an enforced different law system or dress code. It is true of every generation that what was part of their youth appears through rose tinted glasses as they struggle to adapt, comprehend and learn terminology of the next generation.

We have a situation where computers are running society and those in the know are aged under 30 years. Those older than this must concede societal technological function to this next generation who have grown up eating and sleeping computers.

Going to politics school then running a country means you come up with nonsensical statements regarding IT capability which no leader should share and no voter should have to listen to. I pay taxes to delegate certain community responsibilities (policing by consent) or BBC worldwide service to fellow English speakers across the globe to keep in touch with home events.

It seems our hand is being forced to consider the whole Earth, every country and culture and tradition, as ours, to erode each countries ways and replace them with a diversity so difficult to grasp, it breaks down community cohesion. I fundamentally wholeheartedly disagree. As a planet, we are stronger when we stand in a recognised place, surrounded by a feeling of security and familiarity. From this place, can we blend and enter into diverse thought and approach, to avoid clash and war.

For this reason both green and UKIP are concerned for my community, not for the rest of the world. Tidy home, tidy mind as they say.

As for blame, if the system is broken, however well meaning you might be, you will fail without support of a workable efficient system. I don't blame the politicians for lying to better their reputation, I don't blame the judges for allowing criminals to go free, I don't blame the police officers for working towards targets ignoring basic community care. Human nature is complex. We are very much a developing country and yet we assume we are a developed country in the UK. Our Victorian societal roots of stiff upper lip mean we lie more than say, a child bought up in a shamba in Tanzania who knows only how to fetch water, sweep ants, eat ugali (flour and water) and laugh with their brothers and sisters.

The Masai vote in leaders for 2 years. Because they understand that change happens and leaders to be good leaders will likely burn out within those two years and need to regenerate energy after stepping down. Remember these leaders kept lions from the camp fences, the basics of security. It provides youngsters in the tribe a focus to become a leader because of the high turnover. Young children of 4 or 5 years are given their first lesson in responsibility. Look after the baby goat until it bears milk. Such simplicity ensures values are streamlined in being kind to sentient beings.

Rant over!



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