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Titanium plate

Hi everyone I'm new here, my husband had a titanium plate fitted 1 week ago after a living with 1/2 a head for 9 months after a fall last August, everything went fine with the surgery but as he is feeling better we have noticed his left eye (the side of the op) is drooping a little and he can't make expressions with that eye, his forehead doesn't move! The surgeon was concerned about him having no wrinkles on that side but a few on the right side. At the time we were too relieved to care about that, he is due his staples out this Friday and we're hoping this will help, has anyone else had similar effects. Many thanks for reading.

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Do ask when you get the staples out,for an M.R,I with contrast,to check for infection,my hubby had steflacocous, after his,turned out there was a small hole in his nasal passage.good luck

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Don't know if this is simular, sounds it.

Not personally had this but a friend had a the bone replaced in his skull. All was great apart from his right eyelid drooped. This was the same side as op.

Also numbness due to nerves being disturbed. The numbness cleared but not the drooping.

He then had a second op to correct this. This was successful and now all is fine.

He was told it was better to leave the skin loose ( drooping) than to tight, as this is harder to rectify. Sounds plausible and in my friends case all eventually was fine.

Hope all works out .

Pax x


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