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Progress meeting for my brother 19 month after tbi


So today we met with the team at where my brother has been getting cared for since his tbi back in July 2017. He now communicates lot better although still hasn’t spoke again (first and last time he spoke after tbi was a year ago this month) and wrote a lot of family members name yesterday, the physio team have worked wonders getting his left side working again after us being told he Had lost all movement on that side , he stood up In the hydro pool 2 days ago however on asking. About him ever walking again they said the muscle in his good side leg has shortened which more or less opts out him ever walking again , I suppose we can’t let this us beat us as he’s come this far but it was hard to hear , on the plus side he can now have tasters of drinks which we have to thicken but they said he’s not far off trying food thank the lord, if I stop to think I will catch n burn so onwards and upwards I suppose n the huge hug I got on command today helped

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You've all travelled a long journey but with some heartening progress. It's great that you brother is standing in water ; he's come a long way in the past couple of years but I understand your grief and frustration at what must seem like a lifetime, and having to let go of the brother you once knew.

You're doing everything possible by getting him much needed rehab and being there for him with encouragement, love and reassurance. I hope your courage and faith will continue to be rewarded by further progress in your brother's quality of life.

Sincere best wishes, Cat x

Leab2017 in reply to cat3

Thank you cat your response means a lot x

cat3 in reply to Leab2017

🌼 x

It amazing how they do come on on in the end, my friend was like this for years n now he limps n has epilepsy but can walk n talk n remember everyone x

Leab2017 in reply to eileenleach

Wow that’s great first time I’ve ever had a reply of a success story amazing to hear gives me hope

eileenleach in reply to Leab2017

Honestly he was in coma for about 3 months n had to be taught to eat drink walk n talk agsin n he did it x

eileenleach in reply to Leab2017

He appeared on Facebook after years of not seeing him n knowing he was in hospital a long time n he requested me n his words were all muddled up n spelt wrong to begin with then a year later he’s come on leaps n bounds u wunt know he’d been thru so much z

I was out approx. 1 year passed out cooking a curry hubby had just come in (2009) I had an SAH4 I hardly remember anything, after shunt was fitted I woke up and went swimming. Walking is okay but up to 600 yards then back goes. So keep brother going it is so good for him. I was told I'd never walk again and would never be the same, so this is to say Wins back after given a balloon to hit?? ha ha. I cried so I am told after OT's would not let my daughter in with me. plus real bad hydrocephalus held me back. Kept me sleeping zzzz lol I did call them witches so I am told ..Thank goodness I had my hubby and Daughter in my corner xxxx Tell Brother happy news as we cannot take sad xxxx sing do whatever you need to but never let him give up !!! xxxx Good luck Leab xxxx

Leab2017 in reply to WinB

Thanks Winb for taking your time to reply hope all is well with you I will keep it happy thank you

It’s so amazing reading your brother progress my son had a tbi July 22 2017 we we’re told he wdnt pull though the night he did, 8 days later came out of coma, 2 years on his doing great, can’t eat, talk and is double inconsistent but his brain memory is good remembering everything that’s ever happened, he’s got yes n no cards n writes down things, his left side is damaged but his right side working, he’s going to 12 weeks intensive rehab in a couple of weeks so we are full of hope

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