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Ruptured Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Hi Im new on here having only suffered my ruptured Subarachnoid hemorrhage 5 weeks ago.I have to say I am still finding it very frightening and knowing I have to have another operation in about 5 months does nothing to ease my anxiety.I know im so very lucky having survived without any damaged except from vertigo and a habit of dropping everything and of course the terrible extreme tiredness and headaches.Dont think my anxiety was helped by the fact I was left on my own in a room for 6 hours after the hemorrhage before I was scanned and then blue lighted to another hospital where I quickly went down hill and had to be put to sleep and my brain drained before coiling the next day.Turned out I have a wide necked Subarachnoid aneurysm with 2 sister aneurysms and still need a further operation in 5/6 months to seal where the coils are already. would love to hear from people who have gone through this and how on earth do I stop feeling so anxious .I have a wonderful partner and family but they have been through enough with all this and I dont want them to know how frightened I feel it would upset them all. Im 57 by the way and not ready to give up.

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Hi sandy, I had a ruptured aneurysm, in January, I was out walking the dog when it went and was very frightening. I had had the aneurysm coiled five years ago, but been having bad headaches and it was found October last year to be bulging,whilst I was due to return to hospital for angiogram, to decide treatment ,it went. My surgeon said it was still bleeding the following day and had to return to theatre for recoiling, although a substantial bleed, I have recovered well, the usual headaches, tiredness , poor concentration and short term memory loss, like you mine has a wide neck and have two stents fitted. I had been told if it ruptured it would be catastrophic, and unlike my first operation, I was very apprehensive this time, I even told a friend I had the feeling it was going to rupture, and wrote goodbye letters to my children, but as you can see they remain unread, as I survived. I can understand your fear, but you have to put your trust in your surgeons, they are the experts, they do these ops routinely, I was more worried they might not operate because that is even harder, the recovery after the op is not as bad as your recovery after the bleed. I hope this helps and good luck when you have your op, keep sharing your worries, I have found this site to be invaluable, wish I'd found it when I had my first op love Alice xx


Hi Alice thanks so much for your reply,it does make a difference to be able to speak to other people who have gone through the same.At the moment I have to admit im struggling a bit and today was also diagnosed with C.O.P.D just to top things off but am trying to remain optimistic and keep smiling ( if only I had the energy !!) I do know how lucky I am thanks to the surgeons and wonderful staff at the hospital ,just think it was all made worse by the fact my dearest friend died in march at 52 and I miss her so much.She was the one person I could have spoken to.


Hi Sandy. I'm sorry about your predicament and the surrounding anxiety ; I especially empathise with your concern about the effects on your family.

I had a SAH 5&1/2 years ago and only realised afterwards the degree of stress my loved ones had suffered.

But, as Alice has said, please keep in mind how wonderfully skillful the neurosurgeons are, and how dedicated. We see so many success stories on this forum of the most complex and delicate surgical procedures ; I hope you can take comfort from that.

Please keep us updated on how you're getting on, both before and after your op. We're always here.

All best wishes, love Cat x


Thanks cat for your reply it is so nice to speak with people who know how I feel and nice to hear that you are 5 years down the line hopefully fully recovered. All my family have been wonderful but hate to see them all so worried and dont like to think I have caused them all this stress. x


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