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Music therapy


Hello. Anyone had any experience of using 'filtered' music to help with TBI? Keep reading about how effective Mozarts music is but not sure how to obtain this as a self help therapy.

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what is filtered music? Do you like Mozart?

Hi not really sure. Been reading about how some music therapists recommend mozarts violin music as good for stimulating neurons in the brain. I think filtered music is when certain lower pitches within a piece of music are then filtered out to improve its effectiveness. Im clutching at straws trying everything i can to help my mother in law with a tbi

ok, glad you not too sure either, I thought straw clutching was all mine! lol. well, what's to lose? If there is joy to be had, go for it.

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Alzheimer's patients can sometimes remember tunes and their lyrics when they have lost most other faculties. I would suggest trying songs that she used to hear or sing in her youth.

I just use music to massively adjust sadness / negatives. Means I'm over wearing my Favourites out but the now today is to be savoured & Rescued.

Personally I couldn't live without music. It provides therapy in all sorts of ways. Even if just out of interest you should give it a try...


Playing music can never be a bad thing, it helped a lot with my speech (singing/screeching along). Obviously Mozart is not a lyricist, however music is music and at the very least may be a welcome comfort! It would definitely be worthwhile asking a neurologist about this I think.

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